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… teaching


Never, ever in a million years did I want to be a teacher.

But, here I am.

I enjoy it. I learn from it. I grow. I endure. I expand. I aspire. I am educated and humbled because of what I choose to do on a daily basis.

And, it is hard.

But, most rewarding.

Teaching as a profession is so much more than depositing information into the minds of little people who begin the school year with a lot less knowledge than they end it with.

It’s seeing something special, worthwhile, and unique in a child who doesn’t see much inside themselves.


It’s inspiring children who have low expectations of themselves to want greater than they thought possible.

It’s encouraging a few children to do something, most children to more, and all children to their best.

It’s knowing what your limits are…. Knowing your boundaries lie…. So, that you can do as much teaching, encouraging, and inspiring as you can.

For me, I have to eat and have a to do list. If I’m hungry with a load to do surrounding children who have a thousand questions, a few hundred tattles, and not one obedient desire in their little hearts – I easily go left. Far left. And, raise my voice. Fuss. Roll my eyes. Huff. Ignore. And, become incredibly impatient.

That’s not who God calls me to be when I walk into my classroom everyday.

I believe as a teacher, I am to help develop these kiddos who sit in my classroom everyday into people of great character.

I am to model equality. Patience. Grace. Mercy. Joy. Peace. Forgiveness. Love.

Good grammar.


I give hugs. I compliment. I play. I model. I color. I create. I correct. I challenge.

I do the best I can.


And, I am glad to say that that “everyday” will end tomorrow at 1:30p.

I hope every teacher across this wide, open country of ours has the most spectacular summer imaginable.


I hope you get raises.

I hope you feel blessed, treasured, and appreciated.

I hope you recognize the enormity of the efforts you put into every lesson you teach daily.


I hope you recognize your impact and how necessary you are.

… here’s to allllll of the students we teach every year, that grab our hearts, and those few who give you more than a reason to come to work everyday.

They are why we do what we do.



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