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… sisters {{by the blood}}

I’m a junkie with an addictive personality.

I mean, when I love something, I love it. Period. End of story. I’m hooked.

And, I hooked on social media. Mainly Instagram. {{@amayes}}

It was on Instagram that I met my friend and who I call my sister, Wynne. She is a fellow adoptive mama who is doing major, major work for God! She has been so helpful in my adoptive journey and we’ve had some really neat {{read personal}} chats by e-mail! lol. We’re sisters by the blood of the Lamb. I’m grateful for her and everything she is doing to lift and encourage others to use their passions to serve God and step out on faith to do what God is leading you to do.

One of the ways she encourages other believers has been through the “Anybody” series on her blog.
anybody emblem2 {{picture from Wynne’s blog}}

This series is remarkable. It basically tells the story of people all over the world who are impacting their little corners of the Earth {{and beyond}} for God in ways they themselves never imagined. I have enjoyed reading these stories and go back to some over and and over again to read how God is moving through His people to love on others and spread the Gospel. A whole lotta passion and a little bit of faith mixed in with crazy courage makes for endless possibilities with God!!! 🙂

And, guess what?anybody name

{{picture from Wynne’s blog}}

Yup, that’s right… and, humbling, shocking, thrilling, and everything else. I’m honored and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be featured as an Anybody Story.

So!!!! PUH-LEASE!!!! Take some a second to check out her blog – these “Anybody” stories are inspiring and impressive to say the least!!! Go read about what she’s up to and how she’s lives her life out loud for our God.


Scroll down a bit, then a little bit more to drool and fall in love with her little Ethiopian beauties Camp and Asher! These little ones are GORGEOUS and I have loved watching them grow (via Instagram, of course!!)! Y’all, they are so cute!

Wynne is heading back to Africa this summer with Man Up and Go missions to love on orphans and share some Christ love in Ethiopia & Uganda! Wynne and her friend, Jenna, have combined their creative minds to raise money for their trip in some pretty spectaular ways!

One of the ways they are raising money is through selling t-shirts! I love these shirts and ordered one myself and Thomas! Being the t-shirt kinda gal that I am – I endorse them and back their cuteness all the way! shine onI know everyone isn’t led to do what others are… we are all apart of one body with various abilities and passions to do different things to impact the kingdom. Now, if going isn’t your passion, hopefully helping and supporting other members of the body get there is! Go >>> HERE<<< to purchase man, woman, and child size shirts for an amazing cause! Shirts are $22 and $11 goes directly towards Wynne and Jenna’s mission trip!

{{And, YES! that is an Instagram pic!!}}
lol…. I promise to swing back over to my DLSR very soon…. if not by choice, by force as I have already {{excitedly}} vented and fussed about! lol.

Hope you guys enjoy your Friday and upcoming weekend!!!

It’s slated to be a beautiful (yet COLD!!!!) weekend here… so I’ll be bundled up as I bounce from here to there!

…. here’s to supporting others who serve, impact, and do to glorify God!!


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