… it’s happening

As excited as I am about welcoming a little person into our lives and home, I am a bit freaked out.

We are ticking items off of our agency’s home study checklist, selecting a home study agency tomorrow, and completing our Adoptive Family Profile (APQ) later this week.

I really think it’s the APQ that has my heart quivering. How we answer these questions determines which families we’re presented to.

I absolutely believe that if we answer questions as truthfully and realistically as we can, we’ll be okay.

God will bring us and our birth family together anyway, so it’s okay!

But, still……….. I’m nervous. I’m sure that if I had an idea of what would be asked, I’d feel much better. But, for now, the planner in me needs to know!! I need time to think and pray and mull over these questions! :/

Everything is becoming so real. So fast.


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We’re almost there. Once all of this legal business is finished and our videos are complete, we will be active and all we’ll have to do is wait to be selected.

Be still, my heart.
I have learned to trust God like no other. I KNOW that my Father sees me.
I love how the Bible is full of encouragement and tells us how our stories will end.

Psalm 143:1
He hears my prayers, listens to my cries, & His faithfulness and righteousness comes to my relief.

Oh, yes, he does. Oh, yes, He will.
Soon, I will be speaking of that scripture in the past tense.

I know we serve an excellent God more glorious than we can even imagine. I am so grateful for this time, for being drawn near to Him. For being chosen & allowed in His presence. He is good.

I’m so grateful.

I’m not sure I’d love Him this much if I hadn’t been infertile, if He hadn’t turned my heart towards adoption.

…. Here’s to being grateful for making it through valleys and deserts in order appreciate and know the warmth and fullness of God’s love.



  1. Jacci Chambers says

    Im so excited for yall. we are so close. be still Alainas heart, be still! but when we get our baby little heart, go crazy! love, me

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