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hi, my name is Alaina Mayes and I am not perfect.

I have flaws and blemishes…. Imperfections and issues….. And, marks and scars that make up who I am.

Good. Bad. And, indifferent.

Thankfully, there is MAC & the Lamb who have the ability to cover all things and present a more beautiful me.

With time. Patience. Work. Practice. Forgiveness. Bumps. Missteps. Endurance.

Thank God for them both for without them where would I be. Lol.

Last week, I was challenged with not wearing makeup. The belief is that women wear make up to boost self confidence. Which, as much as I can agree with that on certain levels, I can’t say can be used as a blanket statement applicable to every women.

Some women aren’t really into make up but feel “complete” when they’re dressed a certain way. Some women feel more confident in workout clothes and Nikes others.
The things that make us feel confident are just as unique as we are.

I think anyway.

I ended up taking the challenge because I wanted to prove that although I don’t wear make up to feel more confident (anymore… I resolved that issue last year!!), I do feel more presentable with it on. So, I didn’t wear make up for a few days. But, ended up quitting early I refused to go out to dinner with my girlfriends looking half ready.

I mean, who puts effort into getting ready and doing their hair & then not put on any make up?!?!

The answer: women who don’t wear make up. That is not me!

Well. I WOULDN’T do it. So I quit. Lol.
Whatever. Lol.

I have however, slowed down. I don’t wear make up to work anymore. My kids have adjusted to the fresh face and a jolt or two and only comment on how I look tired. Which is way better than the “Hi, Mrs. Mayes……… Um, what happened to your face?!” Poor kiddos were used to brows, eyeliner, mascara, and powder. Lol.

No big.

And, oh the Lamb.
I’m thankful for a husband who is mature. Who has a wide perspective. Who is slow to everything that causes problems. He is slow to speak, slow to anger, slow to act, slow to fuss. He is patient and endures the most.

It always makes me laugh when I understand his perspective in action a day or two after I “get” it in conversation. I’ll hear myself repeating the truths he spoke days before and appreciating his views that much more.

Learning from how he accepts criticism and is so s l o w has taught me to mash my brakes much more often in some areas while forging full speed ahead in others.

Be quick to listen and hear but slow to respond.
Quick to see the other perspective but slow to defend your own.
Quick to shush.
Quick to understand.
Quick to respond with patience.
Quick to wait and allow things to unfold. (That one took some time. How do you hurry to wait? Lol)
Quick to recognize and prioritize what’s important and what’s not important. (Esp when dealing with people… What is necessary to respond to and what is best to just leave alone…. And wait to unfold.)
And, more than anything – be quick to forgive yourself.


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