… the sky is falling

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I first mentioned here how February was going to be a pretty BIG month….. at that point, we were in the process of preparing for either a possible adoption OR joining our adoption agency. Two BIG, huge, life changing opportunities!


The adoption didn’t go through so TODAY (!!!!!!) we submitted our application to our agency and are gearing up for the TWO DAY adoption intensive workship next week. Exciting. THIS workshop gets the ball rolling…. We’ll be connected to our adoption coordinator which will bring us one step closer to our babies!!! We’ll have the opportunity to share our story via Give1Save1 which is one of the most amazing organizations I’ve come across. This organization helps families ACROSS THE WORLD bring littles ones without homes and no one to love or to be loved by home. It’s amazing. It’s amazing how people from across the world give (and do so generously) to help to set these lonely little ones in homes because they believe in adoption. They get it. They believe that everyone deserves a home – the unwanted, the disgarded, the helpless. I love this organization and am always awestruck when I log on to watch the newest families debuted! I like to see who they are, what they’re doing, and help them along the way!

It truly feels as if blessings, favor, goodness, and the most random yet remarkable opportunties have just fallen from the sky in the past couple of months. Which, for me, is reason for a bit of pause. There are definitely times when I think that I am the poster child for one of Murphy’s Laws. SERIOUSLY. He says, “If anything bad can happen, it will.” And, for me, it does. ON. A. DAILY. It’s crazy. So, combining my unlucky streak with these amazing opportunties and blessings can be incredibly scary for me simply because things tend to be very difficult for me on a regular basis.
Don’t believe me? Case in point: I had a very important email to send tonight. I couldn’t send it through two of my personal emails because nothing would come up. I would literally type in the web address, press enter… and, nothing but a white screen would appear. WHO DOES THIS HAPPEN TO?! Nobody. But. Me.
The goodness and grace I have learned to find in these wonderfully orchestrated situations is the ability to adjust and to let go of what I cannot control. Then, find a way to get it done.

Want kids. Can’t have them. Find a way. FIND. A. WAY. And, lucky for me, we are the ones who are BLESSED to be able to give a home, security, and love to the hurting, homeless, and abandoned.

I see my infertility as a blessing NOW. Before, it was a curse. It was God forsaking me. But, this is truly one of the most perfect somethings that could have ever happened to me. And, I’m grateful.

As of next week, we will be well on our way to bringing home a lonely, hurting one plus (eventually) …. My heart already hurts for the day they will truly “get” how and why they were brought into our home. But, I pray already for God to keep them and enable us to show them so much unconditional love and acceptance that the blow won’t completely shatter their hearts. Not forever, at least.

We are never forsaken. We are never alone. Life turns upside down for our good. And, I consider myself  quite lucky to experience such a coarse path. I’ve learned to eye these curve balls and knock them out of the park.

The sky is falling and I am so glad. 🙂

…. here’s to another Murphy-ism that is right on – “You never catch on ’til after the test.” Well, ain’t that life’s truth! lol.



  1. Lovely perspective!! 🙂 God has a way of blessing us in ways we least expect it!
    The organization looks really amazing. We are hoping to start our 2nd adoption later this year and we may look into it.

  2. I just have to say, every time I come to your blog, your words just flow off of the screen so fluidly. Just beautiful! Second, I am truly looking forward to the day that you post that you have brought home your little one for good. Just reading your story, I know that child will be truly blessed and loved by two people with warm, God fearing hearts and all your lives will be forever changed. You guys will be included in my prayers. God bless…..

  3. Good luck I’ll be praying for you in this wonderful journey.

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