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… his timing. his plan.

Adoption is not for the faint of heart.

I’ve already learned that and we’re only about a week or so into the decision… we haven’t even BEGUN the process yet.

However…. this is all that matters.
shirt front crop(This by the way is the front of our adoption support shirts)

You guys know that I am a go! go! go! kinda person….. taking things slow is not in my vocabulary what.so.ever.

The last couple of years have mashed the breaks for me and thankfully taught me a lot about the blessings that come with waiting. Blessings that aren’t always fully recognized until later on down the line. That time taught me to look at the bigger picture. Taught me that “now” isn’t always the best time even if it looks like the perfect time. It also taught me that things are happening and being done even in the wait, things you don’t even know are happening…. And, lastly that obedience during the wait will set you up later on down the road.

So. Utilizing the wisdom that was gained in that time, I am shockingly able to accept things that just are (or aren’t) without falling apart at the fact that it hasn’t happened yet or may not happen at all. And, when I say “falling apart” I mean, becoming frustrated with God or moody with my husband because things aren’t happening.

his timing. his plan. his glory.

It is okay. Why? Because God has already planned all of this out. He brought us to this point. He’s carried us and whatever the result of this process is, will ultimately glorify Him greater than anything I could ever want to happen.

Besides.. who loves an easy, peasy success story? NO ONE! 🙂
Struggle is apart of greatness….. How much more special is something you’ve worked so incredibly hard for?

All I ask for you guys to do, is keep us in your prayers and if you feel the urge, deposit and. This process can be long, it can be incredibly short – it really all boils down to money and being chosen.

Right now…. we’re working on the support.

One of those ways of bringing in support is by purchasing our t-shirts. The front is above and here is the back:
shirt back

They are $20 and can be pre-ordered! Just send your info (name, physical & email address, and t-shirt size) to thomasandalaina@yahoo.com
…… The scripture is missing a verse! It’s Psalms 10:14, 17!! The error will be fixed on the actual tee!

One of the other ways is taking bites out of the huge elephant of a cost by making deposits at themayesadopt.mydagsite.com!! There you can take as many bites as you’d like! Thank you for your love and support!!!!

The rough part for me…. the wait.
This is just the beginning but I am trusting God. Trusting Him for his plan, for blessings and grace through this entire process, and to always allow His light to shine through me daily so that my good works will be seen and He will be glorified. Doing good while waiting. Serving and honoring with a smile while working. All for His glory.

This is just another chapter in our story and good stories always have heartache and tension but end with an overflowing heart of gratitude and love! … and, for us – our babies!!!

…. his timing is perfect. so is his plan!


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