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… blowing the top

A few posts ago, I wrote about keeping the lid on what was going on with us because we just didn’t know which way things were going to go or what God had planned for us. We didn’t want to put our foot in our mouth or have to back peddle regarding things we’d “let out”.

However, I believe that I am apart of a body of believers, I am a friend, and loved one of people all over who will pray for us, support us, and stand behind us. I believe you know that if the possibilities that arise are not God’s will for us, they will not come about…. and, that there is no need to be ashamed of that or feel the need to explain it away.

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God has been working big time and doing some amazing things for us in the month of January. We started our road to adoption which requires an incredible amount of money and God has truly blessed us. He’s had people near and far to bless us and for that I will always be incredibly grateful.

So, moving forward….. as we enter this month of February, lemme let you in on the amazingness that is about to happen.

1. We will join our open adoption agency and begin the process of preparing ourselves legally to adopt! We’ll have a ton of paperwork, meetings, classes, and so forth to complete along with home studies and profiles/pamplets that birth families will use to select us as their adoptive family.


2. We will hear back from a family who will let us know if they want us to be their adoptive family….. for their little one due in APRIL!
I told you guys God was doing some HUGE things.
Now, here’s a little back story.
My sister lives on an army base on the East coast. She has a friend whose sister in law is pregnant and the family is looking for an adoptive family. Of course, my sister being the chatty advocate that she is, lets her know that her sister and brother in law are in the process of adopting.
(Is this amazing yet, or what?!)

Hello… enter Thomas and Alaina.

We’ve been introduced and have been talking via text and telephone getting to know each other a little bit and asking questions back and forth.

Because we have to join our agency mid Febrary…….. we only have a couple of weeks wait to see what happens!

It’s been quite the peaceful experience. We may to have to go through this same wait if we end up working with our agency and I always expected to be on high alert, walking on pins and needles. But for whatever reason, this has been peace.ful. and it’s nice. No worries, no stress, no nothing! 🙂

So! Now that you know what is going on and why our February is kinda special and BIG…… in your personal prayer time, we are asking you to pray big for us. We want you join us in what we’ve been praying for for quite some time.

1. Pray for God’s will to be done.

2. Pray for the birth families of the little one/s God has for us. Whoever they are. Wherever they are.
Their birth momma has to make a huge, life changing decision that will affect her, her baby, and their family for the rest of their life. Pray for the momma and baby’s health…. that the pregnancy is going well and baby is doing is just fine. That there is peace in their home and hearts in regards to their decision and they have given their cares and concerns about the future to God.

3. Pray for the little one and family of my sister’s friend.
Still praying for the same thing above…. but, also pray for their peace in choosing their adoptive family – that’s an enormous decision to make. Pray for the little one….. she (yes..she!!!!) will be here in no time. Pray that no matter whose family she is welcomed into, that she will be taken care of, loved, cared for, and raised to be the most amazing little one ever! Pray for a smooth transition.

4. Pray for US!
Pray that the giving doesn’t stop. That people, the body, friends, family, blog readers, Instagram likers, and Facebook friends alike are moved to donate to such a cause as this. Pray for us as we decide on what to do, when to go, when to wait, how to move, and our peace of mind as we will soon take the next step in expanding our family. It’s a long road ahead but we have been fasting and praying….. sharing our story and just enjoying God move in our life. Pray that we are bound together that much more during this time, as it is NOT easy. We know that difficulty can bring stress and stress can bring conflict and disension. We don’t want that! lol.

Thank you for being HERE for us…. thank you for supporting us….. thank you for loving on us. Your words, texts, emails, and messages are nothing short of amazing and we cannot thank you enough for being who you have been to us through this incredible process.

We are blessed…. I cry constantly in response to the goodness of God and the things He has allowed and made happen for us. It is amazing.

And, I’ll stop there. 🙂

If you would like to support our adoption or purchase a shirt, click here. This link will take you to our Take A Bite menu tab! All of the funds we collect will go directly to our adoption/legal fees and/or our agency fees. You have no idea how much of a difference you deposits and support makes! Thank you!!

…. here’s to February being BIG, amazing, and an incredible start.



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