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… tradition

This is the last week before the Christmas holidays and I am not ready!!!!!

Every year, I make gifts for my students….. This year, I’ve added my cheerleaders to the list.
I usually wait until the last few days to begin crafting but this year I started today- a SATURDAY night!!!! I should be all done by Wednesday for sure – which would be a HUGE feat and break in tradition!!! Lol. Along with the fact that this years gift was considerably cheaper than the last two years! (Another break in tradition!!!!)

My agenda for the next 6 days:

Cookie exchange/potluck…… Of course, I had to veer from the dessert rules a little bit but I’m sure everyone will think the rebellion will be well work it!! Lol. And, we haven’t thought of a food item yet, either. Nice.

I have gifts to finish for my students and cheerleaders (which are DIY, might I add) and treats for our classroom holiday party to figure out. Not to mention cheer practices and basketball games!!!

Busy, busy week with tons to do. Not to mention that I have not done a STITCH of Christmas shopping. Not a lick.

…… Which reminds me that I have to do Secret Santa shopping for this week, as well.

Oh joy! Lol.


Holidays are alway fun – full of sweet music, beautiful decorations, and events to attend. Lots of food!!!
I’m goaling to work harder at the gym over the next few weeks to counteract the (moderate) amount of food/desserts/snacks I will be consuming!!! I REFUSE to hit a major setback weeks before birthday/anniversary vacation.

What I love best is that THIS year, I’m going to more events and spending more intentional time with friends and family.

The holidays are looking mighty bright – and, it’s not only bc of the colorful, blinking lights!

….. Here’s to enjoying the now with those who mean the most!

Hope you guys are enjoying your holidays and time spent with family and friends – remember that there’s nothing more important, nothing that can replace the people God has given you to impact, serve, and love on! Spending QUALITY time with them is more important than any gift wrapped under the tree. The benefits last for (and, affect) generations!


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