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… adopted (with a price)

20121208-191621.jpgThe God we serve can truly do more than we can ask or think. Thankfully, when we truly seek Him, our hearts begin to resemble His in ways we could never imagine…. and, amazingly, our heart’s desires become more and more in line with His desires for us.

When we first began this journey to family-hood, knowing that we would need assistance with having children – I was, what I now see, very selfish and closed minded in how I wanted to go about having a family. My visions were limited to having children of my “own”. I wanted children who had my and Thomas’ idiosyncrasies… ones who looked just like us, who had our chunky cheeks, my bad eyes, his love for debate, and my eyes and uncanny ability to make inappropriate faces. I wanted little versions of us.

So, up until a few months ago, we’d planned to begin fertility treatments again in 2013 – really doing what we had to do in order to have children.

And, then.

Over the past year or so, I’ve really began to understand who God is and what He expects from us. As well as, who I am to Him. One of my favorite expectations that God has for us, is show others the same grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness that He so freely gives us daily.

And, a couple of months ago, He showed me that adoption can also be added to that list. I hadn’t told Thomas because I thought he would think I was a freakout who was “over Christian-izing” ( I made that up) this whole experience. (He never does, by the way. I was just scared!)

God bought us. He adopted us into His family and by His grace and love, shapes us and molds us to look just like Him.

…. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, we were bought. By blood. A high price.


Thomas and I are on Adoption Track and I am so grateful and thankful, already, that God has opened my heart to this amazing opportunity and the possibility of a family.

And, thankfully and prayerfully, we’ll be able to start from the very beginning.

And, based on an agency interest meeting we went to today, it can happen much quicker than we ever imagined. We have two other meetings with different over the next week and a half and I’m very hopeful for what’s in store.

The meeting today was for an agency that will require a HIGH PRICE…. the later two are for state agencies that are FREE. Not a tough choice, right? Seems like it. But, we’re leaving our options open and trusting God.

Scary/personal thought:
I’m already going crazy and trying not to go into over drive although it seems like we may need to get somethings together quite quickly! Trying to be patient. Trying not to over-think or over-do because we all know that I can.

(……….. God, bless these children and my husband with a desire to humor me and enjoy smiling graciously as I torture them with my antics, arts and crafts, clothing ideas, and picture taking frenzies. In Jesus’ name.) Seriously. But because, if you know me. You know, they’ll need it. (innocent smile.)

God is good.

And, has blessed us with more room (i.e. a bigger house!!!) One that we love, one that is PERFECT, one that has enough room for us and another person or two.

Thank you for coming along this journey with us. Please pray that we continue to trust God and make FAITH BASED decisions as we take a road we never thought we’d travel. Join us as we pray for our babies! (Yes, I’ve been praying for babIES!!) Just seems right. 🙂 I pray for their parents, for their journey to us, for their lives, for THEM.

… here’s to, for once, not being scared.



  1. I’m so excited for you and will be reading to see how it goes whichever choice you make 😉 I LOVE YOUR BLOG! And your strength to accept whatever heads your way good or bad is an inspiration to me 😉

  2. Elyse Rouzan says


  3. Courtney Brown says

    Congrats on this new journey!

  4. Fantastic!

  5. Tinnell Sloan says

    This was so awesome amazing exciting courageous…geez I can’t think of an adjective that is appropriate for how great this is. First God is soooo good and when you walk with Him it’s unimaginationable the way He can change our hearts and our way of thinking. I know that what ever child God places in ur arms is going to bring soo much joy to your life and as a mom its so exciting to know that all theses amazing experiences and opportunity to raise a child is coming yalls way. So cool so excited! Great post! I’m a new fan! Lol

    • Thank you, Tinnell!! I really appreciate your words and support! We are VERY excited – more so excited about what God has in store….. Trying not to focus too much on details but just be appreciative of God’s grace and goodness! This has already been such a blessing and amazing journey! I’m excited and hopeful! God’s goodness is amazing!

  6. I love reading your blog and and an opportunity to look at your journey. Congrats to you! You have been so steong, so encouraging to others, faithful, hopeful, prayerful that I know God is going to bless you with a child with the same qualities and as Amayes-ing as you!!!!

  7. Tamika Jackson says

    Wow! This is beautiful Alaina and Thomas. You both are such and awesome couple with just strong values and your love of God, shows of how you love and appreciate each other. I have truly seen you grow as a person. I wish you and Thomas the best with this journey!

  8. Truly excited for u and Thomas and this new opportunity God has for you two. It’s no doubt that The Mayes’ will be superb role models & parents!! Xoxoxo

    (PS: what an excellent writer u are)

  9. Congratulations!! I’m so excited for you two. Thank you for sharing this aMAYESing journey with us. Annnnnnddd……I hope I will be invited to the baby shower.

    • Thanks, Shanika!! I’m excited for us, as well. It’s almost like a whole new world has opened up for us! And, you’ll definitely be invited to any and everything we have! And, since we’ll have kids at that point – all of our events will be kid friendly so bring that beautiful curly top of yours!

  10. i’m so glad we have found each other in this crazy blog world! you have a beautiful story and i love your honestly and realness in sharing it! can’t wait to see where the lord takes ya 🙂

    • Thanks, Wynne! I’m glad we “bumped into” each other, too!! You guys are the sweetest and I love reading up and catching glimpses into your world! I’m grateful and excited about what God is doing, as well!!!!

  11. Alaina,

    You are such an inspiration, I haven’t gone through what you’re going through but have found inspiration for life through your blog! I’ll be praying for you and Thomas as you head down the adoption track. Congratulations and I love you!!!

  12. Amazing! I am so happy that you both are considering doing this. You have demonstrated a faith in Christ that is to be admired and respected, and I know he is going to bless you both for your obedience to Him. I pray the journey to adoption is exciting, eye-opening and successful for you both!

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