… time

It never stops.

The second hand keeps ticking, which forces the minute hand to move, which requires the hour hand to change. And, these little ticks eventually become hours, days, months, and years that have passed us by.

The amazing thing about time is that it never stops. The worst thing about time is that it never stops.
It’s its own little capsule of memories and emotions. Of growths and gains. Lessons. Accomplishments. Let downs. Disappointments.
It is seconds that become minutes that become hours and days, weeks, months, and years. Our lifetimes are a culmination of seconds spent doing something.

You’re either moving forward or moving backward. Gaining or losing. Progressing or Digressing. There is no in between. No breaks. No stops. No room for “taking a minute to get yourself together”.

Time is amazing. How is it that everything around you can change, but somethings stay the same… It’s amazing how you can grow and become. It’s amazing how time strengthens and tests. How it can pull apart cause distance. How it can mature and develop.

The greatest moments and experiences in life are those that stand the tests of time. The ones that take root and remain through out the changes and evolutions that occur in time. Those are the best. The most favorable. The necessary ones that give us a sense of security and a place in the world.
The solid friendships. Those important relationships. That one “thing” that’s been with us through the best of times and the worst.

When time changes everything and nothing.
I’m praying that time continues to change it all for the better and for the things that seemingly remain the same – I pray that they’re in the best possible circumstance.

…. here’s to the time. may never stop moving or inspiring growth, maturity, or development.
I’m grateful for what it changes and what it doesn’t.

What are you doing with your time?


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