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… happy birthday!!!

This little beauty turned 14 today and I am sooooo glad that on this day, the stars aligned and we were able to have breakfast together this morning!

This little girl has grown up so much…. she has matured and is developing into a little lady. She’s a kind girl with some seemingly very supportive, close friends and THAT is not something you take for granted or overlook. She’s smart, creative, and funny…. coming into her own and pretty self assured, from what I can tell.

Time flies.

I literally remember her in pre-school telling us about the bear bus she rode on that day. No a “grrr” bear but a *** sweet smile, tilted head, prayer hands on cheek *** bear. We died laughing.

This is her last year of middle school which is absolutely unbelievable to me! In a few short months, she’ll be in high school preparing to leave us to become who she was meant to be.

It’s crazy how the time has passed so quickly. So, I’m pretty grateful for the chance to sit and just laugh and talk with her this morning. She’s just the sweetest thing. And, I hope she stays that way.

Through life so many things happen…. LIFE happens. Ups, downs, changes for the better, changes for the worst and, if we allow it, life can color our world the ugliest shade of grey. I pray her outlook, perspectives, and countence always stay bright, that she’s always able to see the bigger picture, and where she fits in it. That she sees how her actions affect others and act/reacts accordingly. My prayer for her is that as she goes through life, she’ll come to know God for who He is, in all of His attributes…. know Him in a way that will give her a sense of comfort and confidence to take on the good and the bad of this life. I often pray that she is able to know God for who He is by way of GOOD theology. Thomas and I have both learned far toooo late that all theology is not GOOD theology and everything you’re taught about God and the Christian life is NOT correct. I pray that as she grows, God will keep people in her life that will help to guide her in the right way. So that when she does come to crossroads, controversies, and various situations – she’ll know truth. For herself.

I’m so proud of her and she has so much potential…. I hope to be writing in another four years about all of her accomplishments and the greatness that’s awaiting her in her future. She’ll be on her way to graduating HS and moving onto college. Hopefully, one of state funded by colleges, boiling over with school pride, and one that will set a foundation for the rest of her life.

She’ll be amazing. There’s no doubt about that.

Happy birthday, ladybug!!!
Have a great day!
I love you!

((( and, shout out to our waitress who thought I was Lyssa’s mom who looked like her sister….. THANK YOU. I think.)))



  1. That is so beautiful. I need a tissue. I have had a front row seat to Alyssa’s metamorphosis. And like a butterfly, she too will soon unfold her wings and fly away. On that day, I trust that we have done all we can to prepare her for the world. I only pray that the world is ready for her.

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