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This is the second post I’ve run from….. This go round, I’m not cowering. I’m determined.

Trusting that nothing is coincidence but all a part of a much grander plan that will one day make sense is comforting and painful all at the same time.

Every moment of life has made sure that I could better handle and make the most of the next one. I can see that. I can see how uncomfortable, hurtful situations have matured and grown me into who I am today….. I handle things a lot better, slower to speak and respond in anger….. I have a broader perspective and can see a situation from yours apart from my own feelings and beliefs. I’m a lot better, a lot more mature than I was before.

Every tough moment, those miserable ones… they make you tougher and even more equipped to handle the next. They remind you that even in the moments you felt you couldn’t get through, the ones you felt drove you into the ground, and left you there…………… Are all in the past. They’re proof that you that you can do it.

Every moment matters. Every moment counts. Every moment makes you better. Prepares you. Makes you ready.

Remembering these things makes the painful moments feel that struggling through til the end will be worth something down the line.

And, the good ones…. Those wonderful moments full of successes and joy. Accomplishment and service. Peace. Stillness. Those full of wonder. These are the moments that give the unknown future hope.

That hope anchors our soul…… To the only One who can truly give us a hope for the future. To the only One that can truly comfort us if we believe and have the faith that He can. To the One
who both cares about me while simultaneously, efficiently, and perfectly caring for you, too.

In this moment, I anchor my hope for the strength to move on to the next moment in Christ.

…… Here’s to moments that make us aware of the One who keeps us in every situation and circumstance – no coincidences, no happenschance.




  1. Ahh… what a wonderful reminder for me today. There is ALWAYS hope in Jesus and He’s right beside me every step of the way. 🙂 There’s nothing we can’t handle with God by our side!

    • YES!!!!! One of my friends said today, “I’m going to valley’s but Jesus is with me..” how amazing is that??? He never leaves us or forsakes us!

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