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Life is beautiful. It’s definitely a struggle. Although seeming to be a contradiction, I believe the two can exist simultaneously if through the struggle you grow, mature, and become a better version of yourself.

The only way I believe a struggle can worth it is if you live for a greater purpose …. believing you’re struggling for something greater than yourself… that the results of it all will reach far beyond yourself – everything you learned, experienced, and grew from will affect so many other people. Because although we all struggle in different areas at different points in our lives, we all go through the samethings. I believed God planned in that way so that we could benefit from and help each other through this life.

One of my greatest fears is that I’m won’t mature enough… that I won’t grow enough… that I won’t have enough to offer those around me and who come behind me in terms of quantity and quality.

I would hate for all of this struggle to be for nothing …. That all that I go through, feel, and experience will be in vain.

I’m glad I have the knowledge to combat that FEELING… The feeling that comes and goes… the one that makes me question God’s plan and forget to hope for a future.

I thrive in knowing that I’m more than what causes me to struggle. I fight to remember that I’m more than this… I have to constantly remind that this struggle doesn’t define me but rather puts me in a position to experience a lot that I normally wouldn’t. And, with experience comes a patience and knowledge I may otherwise have never known.

I’ve come to appreciate the struggle when I’m not emotionally crippled because of it.
I’ve come to appreicate the struggle when I see how far I’ve grown from the beginning until now.

This beautiful, tough life full of struggle, passion, grace, contradiction, and confusion pulls me closer to the One who settles my fears, calms my ever whirring mind, and gives me a peace about about a life I’m living for Him.

Trusting Him to continue to beautify what I don’t always think is pretty…
Trusting Him to continue to beautify what I see has so much potiential.

Learning to trust Him on the days I don’t feel Him near and when I’m feeling as if I’m wandering through life without much purpose….. Learning to trust what I know depiste how I feel.

He has my life planned out… Outcomes written… And, the path of this journey laid out with it’s destination already set.

Regardless the experiences of this path, I know it ultimately leads to Him. I know that I don’t walk this road alone. And, that everything will somehow all be for His glory.

I know that this struggle is worthwhile no matter what.

….. here’s to the beauty of trust, patience, and hope.



  1. Trust, patience and hope. You touched me with this one Alaina.

  2. We appreciate you sharing your heart

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