…. happy birthday

Sooooo……. This year, I wanted to give my kids birthday cards “from the class”.

Well, the first card was store bought but then I saw this…..

…… on Pinterest and decided to try it myself!!!

I made this one for one of my kids…


… And, another one of my students will be getting this one on Monday! He plays for the Pearland Hurricanes and loves football!!! It’s so cute to hear him talk about the Texans games every Monday! Haven’t completed the inside yet but the flags will be orange and green. 🙂 so fun!!


Have I added more work to my plate? Yep.
But, I love the fact that they love their cards, the other students love signing their names, and the birthday kiddo feels special!

Just a little something special for my little ones!!

…. Here’s to a little effort and time put towards making others smile!!


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