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… football, little ones, & balloons

This past March, my little, baby brother accepted the position of receiver’s coach at Western State Colorado University in the mountains of Colorado!

So! When we found out his first game would be in Texas, we HAD to go! It was so fun to see him on the OTHER side of the sport – coaching and encouraging instead of playing! I think he did great – everytime the offense did anything cheer worthy, I cheered for him! lol.

From playing little league games on Saturday mornings, to high school football on Friday and Saturday nights… then back to playing on Saturday mornings at SFA and ACU winning the conference championship…

 … to now, a part of the team by way of the coaching staff, he’s come a long way!
We’re all so proud of what he’s doing….

And, then, there’s this one…..
… my beloved little sister! She’s my little pumpkin and I love her to pieces. SHE, too, will be great one day. She gets prettier and smarter by the day. She’s just as tall, if not taller, than me and I know she’s going to end up giving me a run for my money…..

We have a mutual joy of taking self portraits, or “selfies”, as she calls them, and photographing others.

She’s embarking on some uncharted territory this year…

I’m excited about where these experiences will take her and affect her life path. I know she’ll do great and exceed her own expecations!

Proud of these kids…. and, the mother of my little noisemakers, too. All striving to be better than no one other than the person they were yesterday. Better than their past, better for their future. Better for the ones that come after them, whether they realize what their impact could be or not. I see their ability, I see their greatness, and I see who the potential of who they can be…. they’re all my little sweethearts.

… but, the challenge is all worth it.

Sidebar & random thought….
I love balloons…. I probably love them a whole lot more than most almost 30 year olds do. They represent freedom, fun, and life… they scream “Celebration!!!!”. lol.
But, if you don’t hold onto them tight enough, if you try to multitask one too many action items, and  if they’re not tied down or held down by a heavy enough (or cute enough!!) weight – they’ll float away. No matter how much happiness and joy they promise – you’ll lose them.

Like people, they have two extremes…
They’re fragile in the way that you have to give them just enough in order for them to be great…
If they aren’t manipulated carefully or inflated too much, they’ll pop.
If they’re not inflated enough, they never fulfill their potential.
But, when you reach that perfect balance, they’ll last for a while and continue to make you smile past their “prime”…. peacefully floating around without the need of knots in their streamers to get them to stay around. Making great games of balloon volleyball and fun to poke when you pass them in the hall.

I like to keep them around even after they’ve floated to the ground….. I also enjoy watching them float towards the sky. Both are fun and fulfilling. Knowing when to hold on and when to let go is always a difficult choice. Either way, they’ve done what they were created to do and the choice to let them go is tough because once they’re gone, it’s impossible for them to be gathered again. You’ve got to be comfortable and confident with your decision. You’ve got to trust yourself.

Like with maintaining balloons, when handling our relationships, we have to learn a difficult art and find a perfect balance that allows our friends and loved ones to be who they are and become who they’re meant to while simultaneously keeping them grounded, holding them accountable, and choosing to lovingly supporting them no matter what…. Not always fun, never easy, & doesn’t always feel good but for growth and maturity of both parties to come about, support and accountability along with the room and freedom to choose are necessary.

…. here’s to the long roads that grow us, mature us, and change us; the dark ones that wind and turn, and either bring out our best or drag us down; and the bright ones that let us know that if we keep going, all of our efforts and hard work are worth it.
… to the confident voice of our faith and hope that quietly asks,  “… but, what if?” when we want to give up on our dreams &  continues to motivate us when all seems to be going well…. the same faith and hope that encourages us to stay the course and hold to our dreams through it all.

Don’t quit, don’t ever give up. You’ll never know what’s on the other side of the all of that work, if you do.
For who would we be without the darkness and the light?


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