… take a break

I’m a busy bee….. I’m always doing SOMETHING and can hardly stand doing nothing. I have to be actively productive or else my mind is whizzing and whirling with different things I could be doing.

I don’t do breaks.

But, after the week Thomas and I have had, a break is much needed. So, I’m taking a BREAK to blog and post REAL pictures.

Here is my most recent adventures in pictures…..

My super exciting trip to the ER complete with addmission to the hospital and a one night stay. (these are handy dandy iPhone pictures… the real deals are next! lol)
… exciting. I was asked a trillion times what my name and birthday were. I get the why – really, I do. I, also, just felt like a 2 year old being drilled on info they should know.
Thomas is quite the guy. I often feel like I need snacks and an iPad with me whenever we will be sitting for a while. Unfortuately, nothing would quite entertain him like watching the Olympics (or going to get something for me) from this wheelchair.
Oh, the joys of hopsital addmission and stays. The remote, my iPad, a juicy book I’m going through a second time (I mean, how can you resist Christian Trevelyan??), and magazines reads kept me going. The sweet treat was brought in my the hubs. I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to have it but it sure was tasty!! Tazo tea is the perfect summer drink!

Bow making…. numerous trips to Hobby Lobby, countless hours, and 36 bows later.. Wah-la……

…. and these bows were just in time for NCA cheer camp!

This was the first year I took my cheerleaders to a real cheer camp and to be quite honest, they were in above their heads competing with squads full of girls who competively cheered and who were just much more skilled and experienced than they were. BUT, we won the Spirit stick, two red Excellent and two blue Superior ribbons, three All – American nominations, three certificates for motions & stunting, and a Nationals bid. To top it all off, we came home with a Spirit stick. These girls completely surpassed what I thought they would do even though they accomplished exactly what I sent them for. They left cheer camp with so much more confidence in their skills and abilities as individuals and a team…. OMG! We won Most Improved Award which allowed us to leave with a little hardware. Yes. We have a trophy! Maybe not for the most prestigious award but definitely one that lets my girls know theat their hard work and determination was acknowledged! We will definitley be back next year!!
And, this is me and our Spirit Stick! So excited!!

Here are my girls with the NCA staff who taught them a ton! They had a great time!! And, I did, too! It fun was fun being on the other side of camp – as a coach! We had coach’s class and everything. You know I had to come prepared! LOL.

All of this on top of working at the school making sure everything I’m apart of at the school is running well… working hard to make sure my classroom is ready … helping Thomas when and where I can. It’s loads of fun! I’m just glad about getting everything I need laminated before the rush! And, all of this cutting is nothing short of exciting and much more time consuming than I ever imagined. I guess that’s what I get for having this crazy tedious, made from scratch room theme I thought up. I’m literally making everything for my boards short of the background paper and border. On top of the boards for the main hallways. Same goes for those 3, too. Lucky for me, I’m working with one of my other super talented and creative (i.e. just as unable to sit and just as much excited about life as I am) on the hallway boards. Which means two things – the work isn’t as much but the work is twice as much because we think of so much way too much! But, it’s always fun and the results are never short of spectacular. (sorry, no pix just yet. Once I’m completey finished, I promise to post it all!!)

Hope you guys have enjoyed your summer! It’s coming to an end quite quickly and it’s time to start (drum rollll, please…) SCHOOL SHOPPING!!!! (& the crowd goes wild!!!)
…. have fun with that! I know I am!!

…. here’s to ending the summer with nothing greater than shopping for school clothes and taking breaks!! …. even if they are semi- work related! lol.
…. here’s to you guys being so accepting of my Instagram pix!! LOL! You’re too kind!!! (FOLLOW ME!! @amayes)


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