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… quick favorites


I love quotes…. And, I ALWAYS have a quote as my lock screen to encourage or remind me of whatever I feel I need at the moment.

Yesterday was a bit hard and I wanted to create a picture collage with a quote to always remind me of who I am regardless of outside circumstances… Then, I thought…. “I need the cross.”.
I say that because the cross ALWAYS reminds me of who I really am in-spite of all of my valiant efforts to be great (Romans talk here…), whose I am because of Christ, and who I am in Christ. I’m working to get to the place where that knowledge fully affects my feelings & changes my mood but I’m not quite there yet.

Anywho, these quotes were my thoughts in this exact order.






I woke up from my nap and moved on with my evening.

…. here’s to just moving on.


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