… pause!

I’m doing nothing…. besides breathing and watching the Olympics.

I promised pictures of my room when it was complete and it’s almost there. I have most of my boards push – pinned just in case I want to switch or move something around.
My theme this year is TV Networks although I don’t really condone mindlessly vegging out in front of the TV – it’s really turned out to be a pretty cute idea.

I drew (with the help of my Eno board and Google images) EVERYTHING for my boards. Literally. So, I’m quite proud of what it’s shaping out to look like.

My desk faces two boards and one always ends up being my favorite.  Why THIS specific board – I really don’t know. It just always ends up being my love. And, yet again…. this one doesn’t disappoint.
Obviously, this board’s network is OWN with a twist on the show Addicted to Food…. We’re addicted to words with a little guy spewing out all kinds of Parts of Speech! LOL. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up changing the red “t” and “o” to yellow or a light blue and repositioning the TV a little bit, but in the mean time this is it. The words will change quite often, y’all just pray I don’t lose steam….. making these words are simple but time consuming.

I’ve started reading Ephesians and plan to move into 1 John then Romans….. the goal is to get some perspective, insight, and movtivation which is pretty EASY when reading Romans I know for sure. (…… and, I’m learning the first few chapters of Ephesians). Along, with learning about the character of God (which I pray rubs off quite a bit on me) . God’s grace and love is tough to deny when reading these books. You just feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude and desire to worship. Sometimes, it’s so hard to believe that you are worthy of such of a love. Most of the time, usually. For me, at least. But, I am grateful for it. And, the fact that I’m chosen motivates me even more…… if to do nothing else, but to be still much more often and learn more about my God by spending time with Him.

One more thing……
….. Um, aren’t you in love with the Olympics?!
These athletes are UH-MAY-ZIIIIIIIIIIG………. whoooooooa! They are so talented it’s crazy!!
I just love Lolo – she’s beautiful and is working hard! Hope she makes finals!
Women’s gymnastics – I could scream!!! How awesome for these young ladies, they are so hard working and determined! Gabby – just inspirational!
Men’s/women’s swimming – don’t you just love Missy Franklin’s personality?! She’s an humble doll!
& Bolt! I just love his name! Reminds me of the Pixar movie (which I love)! His speed and the pose – classic. lol. I’m entertained.

… here’s to learning to take time.
…. here’s to trusting God. He loves us. (thankfully)


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