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… morning sweats & smoothies!


There is absolutely nothing greater than an early morning work out to get your adrenaline up, releases those happy endorphins, and gets you ticking items off of your To Do list early!

I’m getting my last “late” morning workouts in before we’re back at school Monday…. Then, I’ll have to be at the gym around 5a! Which is killer because I have to leave the house about 4:45a. The positive side is that I’ll get to exercise a bit of self discipline to prepare & pack everything the night before to make for an easier morning.

Another great, is that I won’t have to have morning workouts EVERY morning… So, I’ll have some relief!

Today, I worked my back and biceps!!! Fuuun!!! Suns out, guns out guys! Gotta stay tank top ready at all times! Lol. Because I was short on time, I incorporated ab work during my 1min rests which worked WONDERS! And, I didn’t have time to get distracted! It was very time efficient – once I was done lifting, I was ready to go! I will probably start doing this much more often since school year will be starting soon and the entire YEAR is hectic for me.

I’m HUGE on treats, surprises, & little bits of encouragements to keep a person motivated! And, a 20 oz smoothie is my after workout treat! I love them to pieces – just small enough to fill my belly but not too big to where I’m consuming more than I really need! I also add a muscle builder enhancement, too!! My favorite is Mangosteen Madness! Perfect and delicious!!

I’m PRAYING that I stay as committed to working out and eating much healtIER during the school year as I have over the summer. My goal was to get in the swing of things during break so that I would feel uncomfortable NOT sticking to my schedule. We’ll see!

…. Here’s to healthy living & eating!! Working out, revving up those happy endorphins, and pushing past the NOW for the benefit of later! …. And, smoothie treats! 🙂


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