… i survived

First day down and I rocked in style.

… and, partially starved because the snacks I packed us are nothing more than water (grapes do NOTHING for in between meal hunger pains). I’ve cut enough lamination to last me a lifetime but I would never stop because I love the neatness of the finished product. In addition to the fact that I’m certain by Friday, my name will be called at least 3 million times. By 60 different children.

By the end of the week, I’ll never want to see a label again in my life….. but, for now, I am absolutely enjoying creating fun (usually) colorful labels for my kids’ subject spirals and homework folders! Funky fonts are my weakness and creating unnecessarily elaborate labels and communication  with these fonts are both relaxing and cute!
One of the greatest highlights/stressors of the week are the days I send home a Peek – of – the – Week.  I look forward to the fun involved in creating those, too! POTWs are just information sheets that detail what we’re learning in each subject, whose turn it is to bring the Friday movie, birthday shout outs, forget me nots, and fun little quotes.  They can be stressful to make but are fun for me and informative for parents so we win all around! (I’ll be sure to post a picture of one soon!)

I just hope the kids see the creativity in what I present to them and how I present. I hope to spark their creativity and imagination.

My class is full of the some of the smartest kids.. their comments are hilarious, their participation makes teaching things like handwriting so much more fun, and most of all they love my randomness! I love them already. They are like Sour Patch Kids – first sour, then sweet. My kiddos usually begin sweet, go sour right before lunch (I’m sure it’s due to hunger! lol), and then go back sweet right before we color conduct! lol. They’re small, little bite sized balls of fun! 🙂

I stopped in to see the first class I had almost 3 years ago… they’re in 4th grade now. They’re still so sweet and loving. Wanting your acceptance and love. Your attention and support. Another class I had that same year is in 5th grade now….. They’re still sweet and just like saying “Hi” and being acknowledged by you.

Children are love in it’s purest form. Loving you regardless of your imperfections…. grateful for the smallest gestures and they work hard to make you happy. They are so forgiving, protective, and supportive. They have the sweetest ability to be nurturing and empathetic. Do their very best to comfort you, surprise you, and make you laugh. Their innocence is pure.

They make this job worth the stress, the exhaustion, and frustration.

… here’s to the smiles of children who brighten your day, their unconditional love that has a way of humbling you beyond belief, and the endless hours of hard work and preparation that allow us to give them what they need to chase their dreams.


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