… this man

… there was once a time not so long ago that I would refer to Thomas as “this man” in a very not so positive way. However,  for some time now when I use that reference, it is the highest form of respect and reverance one is due.

This man is mine.

He is my husband… “The Decider” in our home… known as Diddy to some, a great man to most, and a Christian to all…

And, today is his birthday. His 30th birthday. The one that welcomes you into “real” adulthood, responsibility, and maturity.

I’m grateful that ever since our year one, he has steadily moved toward becoming one of the greatest men I’ve known. He’s literally grown up over the past five years…. and, has thankfully taken me along with him.

Thomas growing to be any better in some areas seems nearly impossbile while I look forward to him growing in other areas that I see he has the ability to be so great in…. I can only imagine how much more impactful he will be when he grows more in wisdom, knowledge, and discrernment in of leadership, manhood, husbandhood, and our faith.

As much as I’d like for him to become so much greater, there’s almost nothing I would immediately change – through all of our years, him being who he is has made us, ministries he serves in, the school, and others around him who we/they are.

There’s almost no way I could possibly put into words how great of a man my husband has become…. we were both so incredibly immature when we met and he has just about singlehandly guided us  into a place where continuous growth & maturity is sought after and mutual respect, kindness, and patience reign.
All by his example. Most of the time. LOL.

I look forward to the next year, three, and five of growth and who he’ll be at the end of our journey!

Happy 30th birthday to you!! I am so proud of you!!



  1. Great photo! Happy 30th to your other half 🙂 it’s a beautiful thing to watch your spouse grow and change and become even better than before. And as you know, behind every great man is a great woman. Keep pouring into him, keep being his helpmate. God will do the rest 🙂

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