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Water is water….. right?

Thomas and I took our neice, Ariana, to Discovery Green last week because we thought it would be a great place to hang out after our day at work and school.  Discovery Green is  a pretty neat place – there are restaurants, a man made lake – Kinder Lake, and Gateway Fountain where lots of families go to to cool off a bit from the Houston heat.  Discovery Green was pretty busy that evening as there was an enormous crowd who was working out with a Zumba instructor, there were kayaking lessons, and kayakers in the lake!
We walk up to Gateway Fountain and Ari is so excited and going nuts! We’re excited because we know she loves water and is not afraid of play in the pool at all – of course, she’d have a great time running through sprinklers.

She had a blast running through the sprinklers while they were low. Once, they rose a bit higher and were at their peak, she rushed to climb over the edge to steer clear of the water. Once she was standing on the ledge, she got excited all over again – jumping and clapping!! It was so cute!We thought that if Thomas walked through the water carrying her, that she would become more at ease and eventually want to play. Wrong again. She just cried. 🙁

But of course, once the fountains shut off, she and I had a great time dancing to the music and playing on the edge of the water pad!

We haven’t given up and plan to go back next week with Aliya and my sister, Alyssa…. we’re hoping that if we bring her other friends along, she’ll be more willing to run and play while the fountains are actually on!

Hearing her say, ” That was fun….” as we drove away made our little trip worth the our effort and her tears. 🙂

(special thanks to the hubs who maned the camera and took these fantastic pictures of  me and my girl!)

…. here’s to new experiences, trying something new, and never giving up! 🙂


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