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… counting down


As a teacher, you do a lot of watching the clock, counting down, preparing, and planning everyday of the year save the months of June, July, and a small portion of August.

During those months, you {hopefully} aren’t doing anything you don’t want to do, when you want to do it. It’s the joy of serving in the field of education… The much needed break to rejuvenate and prepare to educate the next round of students who will enter the classroom needing to be taught the endless amount of information & training they will need to be successful for that year and those to come.

I started planning and thinking through my school day 5 weeks ago, officially began working on my classroom 3 weeks ago, and counting down to the first day of school 8 days ago.

As of right now, here is where I stand before opening the doors of my classroom…..


So far, yet so close.

Close enough to where you can work at a leisurely pace (depending on how much you have to do) but still far enough not to stress you out. There’s always so much to do and you never, ever seem to be “done”…… But, as teachers, do we know anything else?

I’ve begun planning the tasks I want to complete weekly up until the day faculty/staff return, started to think through and plan my days, as well as begun thinking through when and how I’m going to get my workouts in when cheerleading practices and sporting events dominate my evenings from September clear through March. The school year is a doozie with the different organizations and committees I’m apart of alone; combine planning, teaching, grading, etc on top of that and your mind whirls with endless nervous excitement/anticipation/anxiety… Along with high stress and the pressure to be that much more prepared and efficient in every task, every day. It’s exhausting.

I am excited. I’m nervous. I’m ready.
There is so much up my sleeve… I can’t wait to educate and experience my kiddos.

My goal is to walk the fine line of pushing my students far enough past their comfort zones to question what they think they know to encourage the desire to learn to and pushing them so far that we both become overwhelmed & frustrated. My fear of their failure {which is truly mine} is enough motivation to dig my heels into the ground and be great for them.

I plan on us being great – each in our own way…. supporting each other… Learning together.

… Here’s to nothing but planning for a great year!
{sounds simple, yea?!} lol



  1. You are a teacher! I love you already! Hehehe!

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