… whoa.

The hugest summer transition for Thomas and I is slowing our days down for the girls. We’re used to leaving early and coming home late. Dashing from work to a meeting, a game or practice, to the gym to finally back home. 12 hour days are our norm. And, our girls can’t quite hang! Towards the end of the day, they’re whiny, tired, and falling asleep in between every stop.

So, I felt horrible for them and we let them have a realllly lax night last night with the hopes of distracting them and also rewarding them for being such great troopers.
Crave Cupcakes are our… well, my… favorite and I surprised Aliya with a trip to the bakery. She ordered them all on her own!! (She’s a pro at ordering! Even says, “Thank you” after she completes her order!) Although the girls were pretty excited about the cupcakes, they didn’t finish them. So, because of that, I’m/we’ll be on the hunt for more exciting and enjoyable treats that they’re actually finish! (I believe ice cream should be a pretty big hit so we’ll be sure to make a pit for frozen deliciousness tonight! lol)

This is a picture of the badly built fort we made with the girls! They were once again very excited but really enjoyed this last treat! They stayed put all night and even want to make another one tonight! … sweet joy!

Needless to say, if anyone knows how to better build a fort – please let us know. 🙂

….. here’s to sugar filled nights and exciting alternatives to sleeping in the bed. And, to screaming encores in the morning.



  1. One end should anchored with a fan. The fan will blow & keep the shape. Drape the material over chairs.

    • …. a fan? Yikes. We made a “tripod” with chairs, put a blanket over it, and called it a day. They loved it. lol.

      We’ll keep that in mind for the future.

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