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… one at a time

These little piggies were bought at Target
These little piggies were brought to my home
This little piggy wears a tiara, that little piggy makes me swoon
These little piggies go “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” when I drop a small coin down their backbone!

(at least they do in my mind……)

I decided we needed somewhere to put all of the coins my husband leaves lying around the house. By nothing but sheer wonderfulness – I found these two little babies while roaming the store. Found the baby piglet in the dollar section and by another stroke of magic, the mama piglet a bit further back in store. They belong together…. And, I couldn’t leave the store with one and not the other. Even though they were not apart of the list of items I only intended to buy- they ended up in my bag anyway. No harm, no foul. It’s for a good cause. 🙂

So, the girls and I immediately went treasure hunting throughout the house looking for coins to stow away……. The big one (randomly) stowed dollars and the little one is convinced I took her “little pig” and keeps reminding me that I told her we could go to Target to get her a “little pig” of her own. And, I’m guessing she thinks I may pull a fast one on her because she always adds, “And, I gonna come with you.” Yes, ma’am. (She’s a demanding little something….. )

A night or so later, I’m lying in bed and I’m thinking about how gracious and merciful God is. How He accepts us no matter what. How He takes such useless, wretched, sinful people and uses them for His glory – even though we are who we are. Or, were who we were before His blood covered us, rather. That led to the thought of my piggy banks and a story my Pastor tells often. He talks about how a man he knows always picks up pennies whenever he comes across one – even if it’s on the ground….. He essentially does this because “nothing is worthless…” A penny is worth $0.01 cent. It is the least of the coins. Hardly even enough to really consider keeping. We toss them in ponds. We put them in “Leave a penny…” trays at gas station registers. We discard them – or at least I do. Well, did. All because they hardly seem worth keeping.

Just. Like. Us.

(there’s something about that crown and coin slot that does it for me….. )

Romans tells us that we were “… all together useless…” – like, the team you put together to accomplish is pointless because even on all of your best days – you still aren’t anywhere close to being good enough. Romans is one of my favorite books of the Bible because it shows you who you are….. What a sinner you are. Then, tells you of the saving grace of Christ. Shows you how merciful and loving God is. How worthy of reverence and honor He is. It makes your heart overflow with gratitude and puts your life into focus. Makes it a bit easier to understand how He expects us to love/forgive/relate to others the way Christ loves us – shouldn’t sinners understand each other well and be able to forgive each other? I mean, we all do the same things or have the propensity to do the same things to each other anyway. It’s God’s grace that separates one’s “bad” behavior from another’s “worse” behavior. We’re all on the same field.

… But, when you experience that love of Christ. That love that never waivers. The one that stands by you though any and everything – He may not approve of your behavior but He promises that He will never leave you or forsake you. The One who works all of your shortcomings, faults, horrible past mistakes and decisions for His glory and your good. If that’s not true acceptance bound in love I don’t know what is.
This God who never puts you at arms length, who is never angry with you (He took all of His anger out on Christ on the cross, remember? He has none left for you..) The God who uses your past, your story, your pains to bring Him glory and allows His light to shine through you…. As messed up as we are. He allows us in His presence.

And, He chooses to save us. 100 of us wouldn’t ever equal anything worth the consideration to keep. Yet, He would leave the flock to find the one – He is the Good Shepherd.

… and, because of these memories, this knowledge, this truth. I will continue to collect pennies with pride. Holding onto them. Never again just tossing them to the side because they will forever be a reminder that Jesus took the least and gave them purpose. I’ll stow them away in a safe place – one that doubles as pretty cute – and, ironcially the same thing God does for us. Picks us up, cleans us up, then places us in the comfort and safety of His arms and promises us a pretty nice home. Safe.

…. here’s to the lost and lonely who can’t find their way…. to the off course and distracted…. to the ones who believe they’re unworthy…. Know that you are lost and you are unworthy – but, Jesus died just for you, just as you are, and that fact alone gives you more value than we can concieve in our minds. He promises to hang in there with you, if you hang in there with Him. His love will make you better – all you have to do is trust and have faith.


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