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Our little noisemakers are back!! And, they’re much noiser than they were last year because the smallest one is talking so much more so not only do we have two little people with strong opinions but we have little people who can go back and forth… who mimik each other… and, say the funniest things. Their personalities are to die for and they are growing up much faster than I can keep up with.
Play day at the park was fun, and hot. I was shoo’d away by a seven year old who clearly was embarassed about her aunt hanging around so closely while she played with her new friend but not quite independant enough play for any amount of time without looking around to make sure you’re still within eye sight! She makes me proud.

Today I learned how important it is to remain teachable and was reminded of how humbling it is to be corrected by a child. How if you’re too wrapped up in the who that you miss the what and an opporunity to grow in wisdom and knowledge.

I’m reminded that God cares a whole lot less about numerical age or being “right” and a whole lot more about honoring Him in every aspect of your life…. especially when dealing in situations where He’s needed most. I learned that it’s incredibly difficult to see people operating beyond who they were and their role in your life. That our views of them and their capabilities are so much more limited than God’s view of them and planned purpose for them. It really reminds me of the bathtub situation from last summer! Which leads to my next learning lesson – being humble enough to see a situation for what it is without truth being clouded by our own insecurities and pride.

My biggest lesson was unknowingly taught by my husband…. on our way home he is telling me, “You know you really messed up…. I’m amazed at how quickly you forget about the big picture…..” I was offended and felt so disrespected (at the moment) because of what he said until a little voice interrupted my little spiel and says “… but, he’s right…” I was so quick to fuss about how rude his comment was that I didn’t even stop to think of the validity. How often do we do that? I’m starting to think that those “offensive” comments we get so upset about are often truths that we are too proud and immmature to accept. Because our focus is on ourselves rather than the larger picture.

The funny thing is, by now we know where landmines lie and what those difficult situations in our lives are. I knew that I was stepping into a landmine. Every. Single. Time. I know. Without fail. The difficult part for me is that I have become really good at navigating landmines at work with coworkers and student’s parents, at home with my husband. The growth is noticeable. It’s talked about. It makes others beam. There’s just this one area brings out the worst in me. Brings out that part of me that makes me believe that I haven’t changed that much at all when I know I flourish and lead everywhere else. THAT is the place I know I need to persevere the most. The place where God is needed most. The place where wisdom, grace, and patience evade me and impatience and self take their seat on the throne.

How quickly we forget about the larger picture. That we’re navigating these landmines for Christ. That the struggle to make it to the other side isn’t fought with our own selves at the forefront of our minds but by being lead by the Spirit with humility and a desire to glorify Him. How quickly we forget that we are sent out as lambs amongst wolves. We forget that we often treat other people the same way we complain about being treated. We forget that just a little bit of pride will cause a whole heap of trouble. That insecurities drive us to do some really stupid stuff. (Thank you, Beth Moore!!!) That there is an art to showing the love of Christ in the most difficult situations and we must lean and depend on Him fully in order to accurately show who He is and not discredit ourselves and take 3 perverbial steps back because we acted on impulse and not the love of God.

Today was a day for the books… the memory books, the picture books, the journal where you write “DUH…. God.. I knew better than to do that…” A day without worrying about any response but God’s. A day that forces you on your knees, one that makes you grateful for your journey…. one that nips out any amount of pride you may have had about who you are shaping up to be and puts you in an humble place to actually become that person.

I know who I am in Christ…. I don’t know quite who I’ll end up being but I know it’s a far cry from who I was. I know who I am. Who He’s called me to be. Working on learning the art of turning that theory into real life action.

I pray that my nieces continue to grow up thinking. Challenging. Growing. If they can challenge what I do or decisions I make, that lets me know I was apart of a village that didn’t raise a fool. One who had a hand in producing a person who can teach and be taught. Who wants to be surrounded by people they can’t challenge or learn anything from anyway? BORING. That’s not what we’re here for as Christians. We are to challenge and learn from each other – no matter details. We aren’t called to stand by and watch a trainwreck because it wasn’t our business. I pray they are the type of Christians that stand up for what’s right and speak out against wrong no matter what the circumstance… and, I pray that I have enough of Him in me, that I’m the type of Christian to accept when I’m the offender knowing that forgivness and grace await me. THAT is the kind of child that would make me proud.

… here’s to being a masterpiece in the making… having the wisest husband around…. and, plenty to write about and sort out before going to bed & enjoying the ups and down of our “childhood” knowing that it’s the hardknocks that help us to grow up and mature…. that enduring those hard times shapes our character which produces hope. (Romands 5:4)


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