… chips & queso

Judge us as you may, but Thomas and I do not cook dinner at home. Rarely ever….. so, when the girls are here – that doesn’t change. Horrible, I know.

I’m sure that will be changing in the coming weeks but I’m enjoying while it lasts!
Honestly, I’d love to cook but I often just don’t know where to start. I’m such a “recipe cook” – I can’t just “whip something up”……. I’ve tried. Thomas sees the catastrope brewing and comes to save the day. And, finish the meal. When I cook, it takes me forever to organize the ingredients, prepare, and then finally cook. It’s rewarding but I’m just not good at it.

Never fear though, give us a week or two and we’ll start cooking again. Promise. & hold me to it!

In the meantime…….. we have dinners out and enjoy each other’s company. 🙂 I’m also quite pleased with the fact that Thomas and I can chit chat and hold our own conversations while the girls play and eat. Although, I can totally see how every minute can so easily focus on the kids at the table – I’m glad that we weren’t so distracted that we lost sight of each other.
While at the table, we ….
color…… play tic – tac – toe with Uncle T..

Eat chips, queso, and green sauce…

Smile when a camera is pointed our direction!

look unbelievably cute!

And, always smile at the end of the day!
….. here’s to learning to (quickly) whip up meals, enjoying our present, and scraping the queso bowl clean!


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