… another year down

Well, hello there!!!!
It’s been 29 days of complete silence and when I tell you it’s been the busiest 29 days ever, it has been just that if not more! So, I hope you forgive me!

But, to make up for the silence…. here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to.
In pictures (forgive them. MOST (all but two) are iPhone pix!!)!  In no particular order….

… hanging with the hubs!








…. cheer tryouts!

…. celebrating!








… loving on my students!
(YES! I painted the canvas!!!) I didn’t do End of the Year gifts for my class THIS year but here’s what I gifted my students last year! … I felt really bad about it but life got way too hectic and it became more stressful than fun. (sadface).







…. diving into deliciousness with my girlfriends!! (I made the caprese salads!! Simple recipe, I know, but just as delicious as they were cute!)

…  getting loved on by my students!

… photographing these lovely faces before prom!

…. sending video messages to my neices (well, just about everyone) …. solidifying perspectives…. and reading…..

{{EJD is my favorite…. I love the creativity, the dramatic story lines, detailed characters, the knowledge, and the fact that I never get bored with the old stories!}}

And, yes…. I’m still working out!
I’m really working to get into the gym about 5-6 times a week… It’s difficult during the school year so I’m hoping to meet that goal during the summer! Hoping to sometimes make it in twice a day!

School year’s over…. so that means the little noise makers will be causing all kinds of wanted and needed ruckus for an entire month and I absolutely cannot wait!  I plan to entertain them with friends, fun activities, and the Kid’s Club at the gym! (I have goals, remember?) It should be a pretty fun summer! Thomas turns 30 in a little over a month, we’re vacationing, and working our tail ends off at the school…. so it’ll be interesting and productive!

…. and, as for you…
THANK YOU so much for reading…. for keeping up with us…. for following our story… for praying…. for talking… hugging…. and, listening. You have been much more than amazing to me and I am eternally grateful for you!! It’s been quite a year. An incredible journey that has more fruitful than I ever expected!!

… here’s to another fantastic summer full of growth, excitement, and an obnoxious amount of in your face picture taking, loud singing, terrible dancing, and repetitive reading!!!




  1. Jacci Chambera says:

    Love this, it’s been a while since I’ve read but I love it! Live love and be! You are THE best!!! I love to see pics of you and TC hanging and your crafts. I’m always like dang…I wish I could be there with her! Hanging having fun! Miss you, love you!

    • Aw! Thanks girl!! It’s been a while since I wrote!!!!! We’ll get together for sure very soon!!!!! I miss Chambers & Co., too!! xoxo

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