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Most days of the week have a reputation….
Not much is ever said about Tuesdays but Mondays, Fridays, and “the weekend” are the days we look forward to the most! We can’t forget Wednesday, or “Hump Day”, because it just lets us know we’ve almost made it to “the weekend”!

Now.. there are THURSDAYS.
I’m an avid Instagram picture post-er (username: amayes) and I love, love, love taking and posting pictures on this addictive little app.
Well, this app has given Thursdays a new appeal, lots of attention, and a little “swag” if you will….

Instagram has instituted “#tbt or #throwbackthursdays….. YES! with the Twitter hashtag!

This day invigorates and excites us loyal picture posters… we Instagramers will dig up OLD school pictures and family photo’s with of us with our siblings and parents with our hair all over the place, dressed in bad clothes! Sorority/fraternity, vacation, and graduation pictures will reappear! This day causes us to walk down memory lane in conflict because we don’t know if we want to hang our heads in shame or tag our family/friends with pride knowing that those days were the “good ol’ days” and worth every little bit of the memory and then some!

I love #tbt but rarely post any old pictures because I really don’t have access to them – they’re all stowed away at my mom’s house on the OTHER side of Houston! But, today I participated and was quite proud of my #throwbacks. Take a peek and see what memories they bring back for you!

Were you NOT obsessed with passing notes in middle school?!?! I loved the simplicity and pesonalization of doing this today! It was sooo fun – I even sent it through another person, shamefully, it was a student! Best part – I was so surprised at how easily I remebered how to fold the note!

I am a new comer to the world of thrifting and I absolutely love it! I went to one store today and was obsessed with the book section. There were sooo many Agatha Christie books… Biology, and Accounting books… (Please do not ask WHY I was tempted to purchase a couple of these!)….Cookbooks….. Children’s books….
But, then I came across these gems.

WOW!!! Are you serious?!?!?!?
Before there was the Twilight, Hunger Games, and Shades of…. series – there was The Baby – Sitters Club. TRUE inspirations!!! OMG! I called my sister from the cash register and she couldn’t believe it either! Obviously, we’re wanting our little sister to read them and all of our neices, too…. I’m not sure how they’ll compare to what they read now but what a reminder of all the days/nights I would just lay in bed and just read!

As I end my walk down memory lane……..

The day after my 3rd graders last STARR test (which happened to be a THURSDAY!!!) was a rest day for them! They’d worked so hard the two days prior and just wanted to rest. Which I understood and was prepared to pop in a movie when I came to class. Until, I walked in and realized they were making these…..

… and, I had to jump in! I could not help BUT to loop and thread with them! It took me a bit longer to remember how to start the cords but once I got it down, it was over!

It’s absolutely true that nothing new is under the sun, but I don’t think it’s until your generation’s “new” comes back around that you really realize it.
Unfortunately, I don’t think The Baby-Sitter’s Club books or the letter writing will come back into play (much like vinyl records) but if they did……

Our children’s innocence is slowly being chiseled away……. (which makes me sound like the near thirty year old that I am) but the realization of how quickly our kids are growing up now due to technology and more common sense is scary. And, sad. Mostly, sad. But, that’s another post on another day!

…. here’s to #tbt, remembering the “old days”, and enjoying each simplicity that TODAY has to offer.


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