… sneak peeks

Our weekends have are always busy and full but it’s just something about the tell tale signs of summer that just make life so much more exciting! LOL.

I LOVE the summer time!!!
Ice cream…





baseball games….

… the best part – NO WORK!!!
…..Late nights, late mornings! Two -a – days at the gym! Trips!! Layouts at the pool!! Books galore!! Lunch dates!! Cupcakes crawls…. the excitement makes me squirm! lol..

…… and, the sneak peeks we’ve gotten recently have just amped me up for the end of May!!! I can hardly focus at work – all I want to do is be outside!

… here’s to blazing through the last SIX weeks of school and coasting into the summer!



  1. Yes to summer!

  2. Love the picture!

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