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I absolutely love listening Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ radio program, Revive Our Hearts, KHCB. Revive Our Hearts is a program geared towards women becoming who God created us to be. The Godly women we are supposed to be in our homes, workplaces, and the world. The Godly women we are supposed to be to each other, our husbands, families, and the world.

Over the past week or so, she’s been focusing on Rahab and how this woman who was leading a sinful life became one of the most renowned women in the Bible all because of her faith. She challenged me and the word convicted me as she spoke about how so many proclaim to be Christians but we’re living our lives based on our feelings, we’re guided by our flesh, and are unrepentant about the sins we enjoy. Obviously, we would enjoy sin because it’s fun, it’s exciting, and brings immediate satisfaction. However, sin prohibits us from living the lives God calls us to live.

YES! We are ALL sinners and will continue to sin until Jesus comes to us or we beat Him to the punch and make it to Him first. However, the lives we live are to be faith based. God will change us on His timing but we have to WANT to be made whole by Him. We have to want the santification and desire to live a life pleasing to Him.

It’s not easy. It’s difficult to deny ourselves and to base our life decisions on our commitments to honor someone we can’t see and trust that the reward and gratification of honoring God are far greater than any reward and satisfaction we could recieve on this earth.
It requires faith to not live by our feelings or our flesh. It takes faith to see past these limited moments on earth and keep in view what we’re really here for – to honor God.

It seems ridiculous and very much all theory to live this way because we are so comfortable here on Earth. We don’t truly consider the fact that Jesus can come TODAY, THIS MOMENT. Yes, we KNOW He CAN… but, think “more than likely He won’t”. So in the meantime… I’ll live life to make myself happy and do whatever I see fit in order to make sure that I remain happy. We’re becoming more and more desensitized to this immoral behaviors and thought concepts of this world. Minimizing and not seriously taking into account WHO is asking us to live a self sacrificing life.

TRUST ME when I say I have sinful, private life I wish I didn’t know about… WE all do. Posting is convicting. I am the most impatient person ever! Instant gratification is what drives me…. I like to see results NOW! I don’t want to wait…. but, I’m learning to appreciate and enjoy the fruit that trusting God bears. Learning to just live and thrive where He has placed me and do the very best I can (through faith because I can do nothing apart from Him) to live a life that is pleasing to Him. I mess up OFTEN…… and, everytime I am grateful for the grace and mercy of God. He did not have to choose me. He did not have to decide to save me when He did and use in the way that He is. I can only try to use my experiences as testimonies for others and just trust His plan for my life.
I know that the challenges I’m facing now are simply testing my faith and I know that the testing of my faith brings about patience and endurance. So, it’s okay. It’s perspective. It’s learning to lean and depend on God through everything and for every decision.

Let’s activate our faith and bear the fruit we were created to bear!

… here’s to exercising our faith and living out our purposes with confidence and in truth!



  1. Alaina,
    Thank you for sharing your faith-walk. I will be sure to visit Revive our Hearts. And…thank you for “Overcome”. The song really spoke to me, just yesterday.
    God bless,

    • 🙂 We’re here together, going through this life together, experiencing the same things for a reason…… Glad we can support each other! I absolutely LOVE Jeremy Camp! His songs are amazing!

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