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… serenity

This time spent with my youngest niece has been amazing! I am THAT aunt with her phone constantly ready for pictures and video capturing any and everything… laughing at the smallest of actions or phrases…. believing everything is worthy of a “Ohhhh!! Did you see that?!” and am NOT ashamed to say “Do it again!!” or “Okay.. give another kiss!!” to capture “the moment”.

This little girl’s facial expressions and personality are so sweet and loving! She’s such a thinker with such a great vocabulary with a splash of sass!

We went to dinner Sunday and to just spend time with her again was priceless! She’s in love with wishing wells and purses! To watch her put on a purse, hold on to it, and then keep it on her shoulder is comedic! She’s so serious about it.. shrugging her shoulder to keep it up… swinging it around…. opening and closing it looking for chapstick! lol. Sweet!

Of course, while we were there, I dug up every cent (read, EVERY CENT) I could find for her to toss in the wishing well of the restaurant! When it was time to make a wish, she would close her eyes as tightly as she could, stand still for a few seconds, and then toss her coin! I had to wonder what she was thinking of…. the way she watched the water…… she looked so peaceful and serene. I just wanted to ask her “What are you thinking…..?”

…. here’s to the little pieces of heaven God allows us to experience in the tiny forms of stubborn innocence and sticky sweetness! … and, to being unable to resist them!


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