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… growth in wisdom & knowledge

….. The book that’s recently been toted along with me wherever I’ve gone over the past few days. A little giddy about all that I’m learning! lol

April is soon upon us and I am thankful for all of the opportunties and growth that has already happened this year.

I know I’m growing. I know I’m maturing. I feel as if I’m just on the cusp, the edge of something great.
Great for Him.

Things do change. They can turn around. When you desires are rooted in God’s will and in what would bring Him glory – there is nothing that cannot be done.

I’m grateful for the opportunities, exposure, and the abilities He’s blessed me with.
Grateful for the hunger and desires that drive me to Christ. The motivation that drives me to honor and worship…. to work and do.

It’s an amazing opportunity. I’m truly honored.

… here’s to being great for a purpose much larger, higher, and more impactful than anything you could have ever done on your own, for yourself.


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