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… wittle baby eden

New babies in their first hours and days of life are nothing short of priceless. So innocent. So pure. So peaceful. So full of little idiosycracies – the little personality quirks that are coded into their DNA. Nature at it’s finest. Telling on their in the womb activity. I love how they just barely open their eyes for moments at a time…. how they open and close their little fists… how peaceful and serene they are. I love their little grunts and sweet smells…. how soft and cuddly they are.

Well, about a week ago, I was able to once again experience a new little life within her first couple of days. She has the longest little fingers… the darkest head of hair…. and, is simply precious! She is precious…. she was perfect. She barely wimpered and even if she did – she wouldn’t be anyless perfect.
{{check out those eye lashes!!}}

Little Miss Eden is so blessed! And, is such a blessing! I’m excited to see how she grows and who she grows up to be. How she changes and influences everyone she comes into contact with. I know she’s already changed the lives of her parents and sibling…. her grandparents, uncles, and cousins. She’s going to be a great little lady with style and class, grace, brains, and beauty.

Welcome baby girl! You’re the most precious little gift from above!

Congrats, guys! I’m so proud and excited for you!
*** Btw… mom, you looked fab – I don’t care what you say!

… here’s to satin ribbons and bows, holidays and weekends filled with a little extra “oomph”, and the joy and noise only children can bring to your home!


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