… snuggle bug

So, we have a little weekend visitor! A little pint sized person who has grown so much since we last saw her in November…… And, even more since she and Aliya spent a portion of the summer with us last year!

She is so sweet….. She’s hilarious!! Her vocabulary and thoughts combined with her personality and smile make for quite an addictive little 2 year old. She makes comparisons! (Her: “what is this?” Me: “A peach.” Her: “Oh. My mom doesn’t have peaches. She has apples. You have peaches.”)Lol. Defends little herself (Me: “I think it’s time for a nap!” Her: “But, I’m not whining….”) I mean…. What do you say to that? Lol. She has opened umbrellas and played with balls in the house….. Takes over the bed and bosses me around …. And, I let her! I snuggle her until she won’t let me snuggle her anymore.

This picture is amazing to me……
One of my favorites. Reminds me of a scripture…..
“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and laughs without fear of the future…..”
Because that’s what we are doing….. Trusting God with our future and enjoying the present we are incredibly grateful for. That security in Christ gives us a security, strength, and courage to live a life void of fear and uncertainty. Even in those most confusing, even painful, and uncertain times…… We can enjoy now and laugh now because we know the future God has for us – one of victory and peace. Comfort and provision. He clothes the lillies of the field – of course He will provide and care for us.

I can laugh. I can be confident. I can be be positive and peaceful in any situation.

Grateful for that.

…. Here’s to enjoying the here and now.

(with my bundle of spunky opinions, sticky fingers, and insanely funny voices!!)

A few of my favorite moments:
*** “That’s me! Looking out the window. It’s a sunny day. Not a sunny day. A cold day.” Ummmm….. WOW, smarty pants. Is this normal for a 2 1/2 year old? lol.
*** (as I dress her….) “I love you” (complete with the best hug ever!)
*** Thomas “let” a mosquito in the house. She is watching and reporting his every move. She sits on the floor, squeals, and scoots back. Then, “Oh no! The bug is gonna eat my food… get it!” Thomas kills the bug. “Thank for you. The bug will not eat my food now.”

IDK if this is normal or what…… but, either way, my little snuggle bug amazes me!



  1. LoL yep she’s right. I don’t have peaches hahaha. & she’s def right about the whining. Whining means nap time. LoL enjoy my lovebug. Give her kisses for us.

    • Well…. either way, I think she’s an absolute genius! I’m sure her super smart older sis helps her out a lot but whoa! We were looking for bows for her hair and she says “Where my tiny bow?” Um… WHAT?!?!?!

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