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… I’ve got the fever

For the past week or so I’ve been busy, sick, and battling a little bit of a fever…….
LOL……. Just when I thought I’d completely adjusted to what life could be like for us, I get hit with this – BABY FEVER.

Then, to make matters worse,  someone falls asleep on me looking like this……

 He makes these faces that look so childish and boyish…. faces that make me wonder what our son would look like. How alike they would be. How much our little one would immulate his daddy…. wonder how nature and nuture would affect his behaviors.

But then I snap out of it and plan to do what I do best…..
I have the most adorable, tasiest, and delightful treats lined up for Valentine’s Day for the school…….. Cutesy do-dads ordered for Valentine’s Day gifts….. and, then of course, there’s always work and Thomas….. And, yes. Shopping. It never gets old. Shopping for myself. For Thomas. For the house. For ______.

…. here’s to shopping, baking, gifting, and creating because it’s what I love and doubles as a great distraction.

I’ll leave you with an incredibly random tidbit….
If you haven’t realized it yet, lol, I love words. How’re they’re spoken. How they sound. How they can be put together to encourage and inspire. How they can make us laugh, cry, and fall in love. I lean towards their positivity… choosing to speak, read, and love and write with words that lift up. Sometimes, what we need to hear isn’t what we want to hear… sometimes the words are tough to digest but exactly what we need, the exact friction that is required to move us forward in becoming the best we can be.
Words. The words I’ve accepted and don’t want to hear, are the exact words that have caused parts of me to bloom and blossom, come alive, and grow.

Thank God for the words we never wanted to hear that enable us to become what we never thought we could.


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