… the lion and the lamb

Christ is known as both the Lion and the Lamb… courageous and gentle… massive in every area; helpless, requiring protection, and guidance, as well.

As Christians, we’re called to be like Christ… taking on attributes, mimicking characteristics.

The more I read and learn about Christ, the more I realize He may have been meek and mild, He may have been sacrificial and serving….. But, He had guts. He had guts to stand  up for what he believed in, to stand up against in justices, and unfairness.

Being a Christian doesn’t equate to being weak or a doormat. One of my favorite quotes from a Casting Crowns song is “We were made to be courageous”….. And, we were. God didn’t create us to be cowards or scary. He doesn’t want us CAUSING disturbances or mistreating those around us…… But, I can’t exactly say he expects us to always sit quietly while we’re being mistreated. We can have the courage to stand up for ourselves while still showing the love and peace of God.

We can be lions and lambs just like He was. Trusting Him for guidance on when and how to move and respond. How to not cross the thin, barely there line that separates courage in Christ and cruel and malicious, purposeful and vengeful. The barely there line of self defense and allowing your bruised ego to take control and harm others.

It’s a balancing act. We have to be careful when walking this tight rope. For His sake.

Regardless of what comes our way God expects us to depend on Him and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us….. He expects us to lean on other members of the Body for perspective and prayer, for support and wisdom….. He expects us to to believe and trust that His children will never end up on the losing end, that we are always victorious in Him. Those who try to come against us will NEVER prosper. He expects us to pray for those who come against and persecute us.

But, more often than not….. We will see that being the lamb is just as impactful. And that sometimes, it’s best to be quiet in the face of fools. To ignore those whose intentions and goals are to be malicious and evil spirited. Responding to them in the way they are responding to you is sometimes what fuels their need for attention and relevance…. and will also give them even more reason to continue to behave the way they do. To accuse you of not being the Christian you claim to be.

…. here’s to being both the lion and the lamb….. both courageous and caring. To trusting God for wisdom for when and where.
It’s in us.


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