… the Christian’s attitude towards the enemy

…. calls for praying for your enemies.
… calls for doing good to those who hate you.
… calls for blessing those who curse you.
… calls for praying for those who mistreat you.
… still calls for seeing them as more important than yourself.
… still requires you to love them as Christ loves you.
… still requires you to give to and serve them.
… still requires you to treat them as you want to be treated.
… still requires you do good and love while expecting nothing in return.
… still requires you to be merciful towards them.
(Luke 6:23-36)

This sounds insane when someone is literally plotting and scheming against you…… It seems unfair. It seems pointless. It seems weak. It seems as if you’re leaving yourself open for that much more for mistreatment. And, you quite possibly are. But, that’s the world’s view.

The Biblical world view understands that you aren’t doing these things for nothing. All of this effort and self denial isn’t in vain. You’re sacrificing your ego and selfish desires for the glory of God. So that God can be seen through you and impact a nasty situation and turn it around for the better. It’s a matter of faith. Faith in action. Believing and trusting God for the outcome.

When you believe that you are a child of God and trust that you are in His care, that He will not allow any weapon formed against you to prosper, or for you to be defeated – it’s a lot easier to trust Him in the darkness. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Things keep getting worse….. But, God’s child is never defeated.

I’ve never really had an enemy before. Never had anyone to really plot and scheme against me. To try to ruin me and tear me down. BUT. There’s a first for everything and thank God for discernment and wisdom. He keeps opening my eyes to new ways to handle these situations. New ways to overcome. Continues bringing people/ lessons to me that only give me more wisdom in dealing with the situation. I haven’t been defeated yet even when the attacks continue to get bolder and bolder. I thank God for the opportunity to grow closer to Him and for Him to be seen through me. I pray that I continue to handle the situation in a way that pleases, honors, and glorifies Him.

… sometimes. The Christian is called to fight. IN JESUS’ NAME.

I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I’m standing firm on the promises of God and come what may, I’m WILL be okay.
While your issues/concerns may have some legitamacy to them…. However, the way you’re going about it is going to have you falling in the ditch you digging for me.  And, that’s not a threat…. it’s a promise. God’s promise. He says He will make my enemies my footstools.He says, “… thru Him I will ALWAYS be victorious”. For me to be victorious, the person on the other side must be on the losing end.

Trust me when I say, I’m praying for your growth and maturity. I’m praying for your life and your future. I want the best for you.  I don’t want to be your friend but I have nothing but God’s love for you. As you’ve seen, no matter what you do I’m always kind and loving towards you and at peace with you.

…… here’s to the lion who’s not backing down from a fight…… and to the lamb who comes in peace before the lion (and after) the lion praying for and loving our enemies.




  1. TC Mayes II says:

    Keep it up babe! The battle is not against flesh and blood, it’s waaaay deeper than that. Loving others is exactly the key and you are fighting the good fight of FAITH. I am praying for your sensitivity to the Spirit and for your flexibility “in real life.”

    Love ya….

  2. Wow. Truth. I was just talking about this with my discipleship group last night. And some people think being a Christian is easy! Loving enemies is the most unnatural thing to do, but we have the supernatural to thank for the power He gives us through the Holy Spirit!

    • Yes, ma’am!! It is incredibly unnatural and requires us to battle what we really WANT to do! It’s tough but when you’re looking at the larger picture, your perspective changes with a bit more ease.

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