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… with love

Over the past 40 plus days, Thomas and I have been reading a book and participating in a series at our church called “The Relationship Principles of Christ”. It’s a book and series that breaks down 6 relationship principcles that Christ taught during His 3 year ministry on Earth on 40 days.

This study combined with other lessons we’ve learned in Bible studies over the past two and a half years have truly, truly transformed how we handle each other and those around us.  Those we both enjoy and struggle with. And, as usual…… When you’re learning how to do something, opportunities present themselves to give you an opportunity to apply what you supposedly learned.
I’d like to say I’ve passed – finally. At least this time, lol…… I’ve learned (and, applied) the most freeing and amazing lesson that has changed my entire life view. It seems so simplistic but a really hard concept to actively grasp and apply when you’ve been hurt in any way and your pride has been challenged. It’s taught me how to stop and reflect in order to love and forgive when I’m angry or hurt…how to communicate in love…. so many things. So many lessons in how to keep relationships in tact regardless of what happens.

What I appreciate learning the most is that no matter what happens to you, how you respond speaks to who Christ is to you, the amount of faith you have in Him, and what you believe Christ did on the cross for you.

If you really believe that Christ’s dying on the cross was God taking all of the wrath and anger He had for us on Earth and laying it on Christ – all of that for His glory – it stops you in your tracks. Realizing that God will never be angry with you… His anger was let out on Christ. He “blew up”on Christ. He has nothing left for you. No matter what you do. Because He is not angry with you, He has no reason to separate from you. No matter what you do. You sin, He forgives. And, completely forgets. Period. Done. Over with. It’s like God has short term memory loss. You do something one mintue, the next He’s moving on to the next thing (WITH you) because He has no idea what just happened. He’s forgotten. It’s never happened.

What would come out of Christ’s sacrifice was for the glory of God. How in unconditional love and forgiveness in the most painful situations, we are able to reconcile and keep relationships  because that’s what Christ did for us. That we, sinful people, can forgive other sinful people for whatever they do because a perfect God forgives us for everything we do, no matter how many times we do it, and never turns His back on us. Ever. Never choses to leave us or break a relationship because of feelings. But, because of grace and mercy. Forgiveness. And, a desire to make us better, more like Him. That’s what forgiveness combined with grace and mercy does – it’s makes us better, it shows us who we truly are…. This is not a passive thing or a weak attribute to display but it’s a strength that requires self control and a deeper understanding and perspective about what your life is truly about. The lives we live aren’t about us, we aren’t here for ourselves, we are here to glorify God and mirror who He is to the world. God this angry person that is vindictive or passive aggressive. He isn’t passive agressive, He isn’t mean. He doesn’t get back at us.

That is who I am working to become….. It’s not a process but a daily decision to be more like Christ. To sacrifice my pride and ego for the sake of Christ and for another’s growth.

Who are you? Are you angry and unforgiving or patient and forgiving with those around you?

… here’s to growing and becoming more mature in Christ, loving and forgiving, displaying the grace and mercy that is freely and consistently shown to me daily. Reasonable service..


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