… why not?


Another year has come and gone. At the speed of light. Some parts seemed to drag on forever. Others seemed to fly by right before my eyes. There were moments I wished I could put on pause just for a little while so that that exact instant could be savored just a little longer.
To think that this year is ENDING is insanity to me… so many milestones and events have been reminsced upon…. lots of “I remember this day a few years ago, I was doing this….”, “last year….”, and sitting with friends playing back videos and videos of memories just make us feel so much older – along with discussing politics and the state of this broken down educational system. It’s crazy.

There have been moments this year when I thought, “Oh, it would be cool if…” and “What if…” or people have come to me and said “You should….” or “Will you?” and a “I’d love for you to….” and every single time, I turn down offers and dismiss acknowledgement or possibilities out of fear.
For those of you who know me, I’m incredibly structured. INCREDIBLY structured. I love a plan. A calendar. A consistency to life that I can depend on. Taking risks doesn’t necessarily fit in a plan! I hate failing. I hate not doing well but at the same time, I love the opportunity to grow. I’m never satisfied with what is, I always want to do better. And, better. And, better. (And, yes….. I struggle with contentment for the very same reason. It’s a gift and a curse!)

Although I love plans, I’m not big on resolutions. So, I’m not making any.
What I am doing is creating a life change. A change in thought. A change in how I do things. A shift in the motivation behind every action.

For me, 2012 will be the year of “WHY NOT?” The start of something different in me that literally has already begun to change my behavior.

I’m determined to live a healthier life. I began back in November (I believe) looking for a  trainer. I WILL take care better care of myself. In my mind, there is no reason for me to be flabby and “loose”. Age is not an excuse. Things with trainers didn’t quite work out so I joined a gym. Signed up for a trainer. And, have already been to an amazing class and set sessions with A, my trainer.

I’m working dilligently on three things this upcoming year. My mantra – WHY NOT?
Item numero uno – a healthy body.
*** Why not work out two or three times a week? (tired? hungry? busy? – all of which can be handled prior to a scheduled work out if I planned and disciplined myself.)
*** Why not work hard to look my very best in everything I wear, all the time? (5 lbs won’t matter… your arms don’t jiggle THAT much… who really has super flat abs and well defined arms/legs anyway? – 5 lbs of FAT matter and a little jiggle is too much… and I can have sculpted arms/legs and no over flap when I button my jeans…)
*** Why not go the gym when I have “nothing” to do rather than catch up on Kardashian episodes? (I’m tired & had a long work week… everyone needs to rest…. the gym will be there tomorrow… – working out gives you energy, I can rest when I go to sleep at a decent hour so I can get every minute of my very much needed 8 hrs of sleep….. and, YES! the gym will be there tomorrow & this I know bc I’ll be there then, too…)

Without hard work. Without self discipline. Without motivation. You get nowhere. I’m going to have to push MYSELF. Sacrifice. Focus. And, keep at the very front of my mind WHY I am doing what I’m doing. In all areas of my life.
I believe if I can change my thought process. If I can discipline my mind – I can do whatever I want. WHY NOT? won’t allow me to retreat in fear. Or be lazy. It will push me to challenge myself and go further than I’d like to go. And, who knows, what could happen.

WHY NOT? look like this?

AND NO… It’s not about being skinny. I’m already skinny. It’s about a disciplined mind. A healthy body. Looking my best. Feeling emotionally and physically well. It’s about not settling. It’s about reaching goals and challenging myself. It’s about doing the very best with what I was given – being a good steward of what I’ve been given. because, why the heck not?! what’s the WORST that can happen? I look great in sundress?! I’ll take my chances.

Here’s my motivation. The pictures in my phone. My screensavers. My WHY NOT.

Here’s to WHY NOT kicking my butt…. pushing me further than I want to go…. Pissing my off…. requiring me to reach my goals and accomplish great things…. the catalyst that will open doors of opportunity & create a new confidence that won’t allow me to be defeated. What do I have to lose? WHY the heck NOT?!




  1. To my fit blogging friends! Thought you might think this is funny: The Grunch Who Stole Fitness. http://pfitblog.com/2011/12/25/the-grunch-who-stole-fitness/ 🙂

  2. I love this post! I workout 4-5 times a week with no problem. My downfall is eating healthy. In the past (earlier this year) I was on it. I ate healthy during the week and cheated on the weekends. After a few months of discipline I gave in to temptations and before I knew it I was back to my unhealthy eating habits. I always tell myself ‘Shanika you know better’ then I proceed to eating whatever. Starting tonight (b/c I’m about to warm up some leftovers lol) I’m making better eating decisions that will lead to healthier eating habits.
    On another note, you’re going to have to do more than diet and exercise to look like that white woman. You may have to bleach your skin! lol. J/K. I couldn’t resist. I will copy off you and make me a folder of inspirational bodies. I will use a pic of my trainer JaKalia. Antanique has a banging as well so they will be my first 2 pics.

  3. Aw thanks, Shan!!!! (I totally just chopped up your name…. take it as a term of endearment! lol) I am DEFNITELY getting on my diet…. changing my eating habits. (WHY NOT?! lol) I don’t want to do all of this work, put all this money into gym, training sessions, and clothes/gear to not get the best results possible!!! It’s going to be tough this week but I’m going to work REALLY. I talked to my trainer today about my eating…. eating 5x a day will be soooo incredibly hard for me. I know it’s mainly snacking but still. Eating is never my top priority unless I’m STARVING. Which makes no sense. But, whatev. So we can push each other. OH, please believe I already have pix of my roomie on my phone like a stalker. LOL. Her body is baaad….. 🙂 more to blog about in a few! I’ll be looking for you to push me when I don’t want to work out! You got me?

  4. Of courseI got you!! I will be the annoying voice (via text, twitter & calls) that motivates you to do at LEAST 30 minutes a day. We can do this! Our bodies will be another woman’s motivation one day.

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