… new york! new york!

…. this city. Busy. Bustling. Cold. Consistent. Alive. Lit. Bright. Loud. Rushed. Delish. Exciting.

We were in the city to celebrate a friend’s birthday and really had a good time seeing old friends and hanging out again! We brunched, karaoke’d, and ate lots of pizza and the best burgers…. it was great! I enjoyed the taxi’s and we alllmost rode the subway but opted to walk 6 blocks instead. Which wasn’t bad at all… We were able to see more of the city and people that way!

The city was great!!. I enjoyed being somewhere different. I enjoyed the walking.  Of course, the shopping was fantastic. (LOVE SoHo!!!) The simplicity of everything was fantastic while having to be on your tip toes at all times, if that makes sense. Thankfully, we had no issues while away and really enjoyed our friends and each other.  Experiencing growth and expanded perspectives is always appreciated.

It was a great time…. But, I’m glad to be back in the city of freeways, parking lots, and turn signals!!!

Here’s a teensy bit of our experience.








…. here’s to bundling up and hitting the pavement!! …. and resting, the city that never sleeps has me worn out!


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