… I did it twice!

Woke up this morning and went to the gym. At 8:30a. Sans make up. Rocking a fresh face, a pony tail, & VitaWater flavored lip balm.

WHY NOT? had me getting outta bed when my alarm went off….
WHY NOT? had me at home relaxing and in the bed by 1a while Thomas was out hanging with our friends last night…. I wanted to go. But, when I asked myself WHY NOT go? WHY stay at home? … The only answers I had were so that I could get up and be ready to work out in the morning. Because working out is important to me. More important than hanging out and getting home at an unGodly hour. I had to prioritize. I had to choose disicipline.

Had a kick butt work out this morning then back doored a few hours later for my private training session…. and, had my body pushed even farther. I’m proud I didn’t complain or even think about stopping.

* weight: 124 lbs        * body fat: 25.5%

My goals are to tone, strengthen, and build muscle mass. I’m trying to lose 5.5/6% body fat. Which means lots of cardio combined with weight training. I’m excited!!! Really ready to work hard and see results. I know it will take a solidy 12-16 weeks for obvious results and about 4-8 for my friends and myself to see change. So! I’m up for the challenge and ready to go!

Tomorrow…. two classes back to back.
I remember telling Thomas that I don’t understand how in the world people love being at the gym and stay for hours. I see it now. I understand it now. They have goals and a drive you only understand when you want results. I never really wanted results bad enough- I was “fine” with how things were… even though I wasn’t satisified. I say I was “fine” and okay with my dissatisfaction because I wasn’t dissatisified enough to do anything about it.

It’s until you’re absolutely tired of something, you won’t move to change… and create a new routine. An incredibly high level of both disgust and desire will motivate you to do SOMETHING. I wasn’t disgusted – I have an insane desire to look a certain way.

…. here’s to being disgusted enough…. to being annoyed enough….. to being “tired of” long enough….. to being curious enough….. to wanting it bad enough…. to want change.


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