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The end of the year is always very nostalgic for me – for many reasons, but this one reason in particular always sets me into high gear. The end of the year automatically recalibrates my focus simply because it is the END of one chapter in our very own history book  and the ultimate beginning of another. This same concept could be a daily, weekly, or monthly calibration – which it sometimes is… but there is something about the close of something BIG that gets our attention. We SHOULD end our days with honest self – reflection and a driven determination to do and treat people better the next day – but do we? It’s usually not until we encounter something HUGE that we come to our senses and say, “Alright. No more games. THIS time, it’s going to be different.”  …. And, we usually hit that wall 70×7 before we actually make the decision to make different decisions.

Have you ever wondered how much better our lives would be if we just listened to and obeyed God? If we just let God be God? If we would just accept His plan for our lives without trying to go our own way?

One of the HUGEST lessons I’ve learned this year is to stop wanting what I want for myself more than I want what He wants for my life. What I want for myself will NEVER, EVER even come close to what He wants for me. My desires for my life pale in comparison to what He wants to do with me for His glory. I am really learning to ask myself – what’s more important, what He wants or what I want? It absolutely changes how you make any decision you have to make.

I hope that I am becoming more and more like Him, more and more like the person He would have me to be. More and more selfless and giving and less and less rude, impatient, and self-seeking.

We have pride and trust issues that hinder our faith……
I believe that we are children of God…. And, like children, we should be growing. We should be completely dependant upon Him for everything we need – as a child is dependant upon their caregivers, happily! Without any issue – they have no problem going to someone else for any and everything they need. Children grow fast. Every week, month, year that passes by the have grown in height, ability, mind capacity, personality, and curiosity. Are like children, innately understanding our need for guidance, protection, and provision by someone bigger than us? Someone smarter than us? And, someone who can do anything? Isn’t that what we all thought of our parents when we were children? There was nothing they couldn’t do or fix. It’s only when we “get grown” and start thinking for ourselves do we begin second guessing and turning away from our need to be protected and provided for in pride and, quite naturally, with age and maturity. But, we shouldn’t project that “grownness” on our relationship with Christ. Just like we will forever be our parent’s children, we will always His child. Let’s endeavor and work hard daily to walk in our role as a child of God – depending on Him for every need, freaking out and running back to Him when we are afraid or feeling as if we’ve been left with some strange person in some strange situation and enviornment. Let’s truly begin trusting Him with our lives the way children innately trust their parents with theirs. We’re never going to be smart enough or responsible enough to take care of ourselves the way God can – no matter how well we mangage our Earthly blessings.

We will always be His babies.

I hope that everyday, we learn to recalibrate and self-reflect …. that we learn to be as children… that we learn to importance of true apologies and service – before our issues get too big … that we see the purpose in living out our faith even when we can’t or don’t see the physical results. This life we live is only for a brief moment but what we do while we’re here affects our eternity.

…. here’s to trusting God with our lives and living out our faith with the desires to honor God and impact the world for His glory!


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