… turkey holidays

Driving. Laughing. Shopping. Picture taking. Walking. Driving. Picture taking. Eating. Laughing. Fussing. Exhaustion. Eating. Driving. Baking. Cooking. Shopping.
Houston, Texas. Lousiana. Mississippi. Alabama. Colombus, Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia. Colombus. Atlanta. Colombus. Atlanta. Colombus. Atlanta. Colombus. Alabama. Mississippi. Louisiana. Houston, Texas.
Morehouse. Spelman. Morehouse. Spelman. Morehouse. Spelman.

Lots of family. A few turkeys. Lots of any and everything I needed to make this holiday memorable. Love the everything about it. Fell in love with my family all over again….. with my cousin’s husband (in a familial way!!) who is soft spoken yet respected and listened to when he speaks. Not just noisy and talks just to talk……. I cooked/baked for the first time this year and can totally see myself doing it again and adding more complex recipes next year. Took some fab-u pictures of my neices, sister, and hubs while in Georgia and they absolutely make my heart beat!!!

I had a fantastic, much needed holiday break!! Hope you did, too!!

















The girls (and I) were OBSESSED with fall in Georgia! The colors were amazing and the cool weather was perfect!!


….. here’s to many more holidays with turkeys doing a lot more back and forth, back and forth, back and forth!



  1. My wife and I share your journey…may God bless and be with you..

  2. Your pictures are beautiful!!!

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