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… hopefully soon

… I’ll cry knowing you’re really “in there”… because I feel your very life inside of me… and, then, because I’ll finally get to cuddle you in my arms.

… I’ll be planning for your arrival. Your first holidays. Your first photo shoots. Your first everythings.

… I’ll be watching you grow first from the inside then before my eyes. Every day. Forever.

… I’ll be celebrating the end of this dark journey and the beginning of a entirely new one. One filled joy and wonder. One of pains and tears of a different kind. One of triumphs and proud moments. One of an inexpressable love for you and our “new” family.

… I won’t have to explain our position but will be using this part of our story to encourage others.

… ultrasounds at doctor’s appointments won’t be the measure how much my follicles have grown but to measure how much we’ve grown.

… I will have to explain how I’m feeling, how far along I am, and what our plans are regarding names, room decor, and whether or not we’ll cut hair before or after a year… or maybe how many shoes and bows are “too many”.

… I will have to convice your daddy that this (millionth) photo shoot is “absolutely necessary” and that we “MUST go all out” for EVERY little (and big) event of your life – because you are such a blessing and a little miracle wonder… because your life will be celebrated.

… We will have the honor of praying for you daily as you grow, introducing you to Christ, and train/raise/discipline/instruct you so that you will become outstanding and productive in the life you choose to live…. Making differences and changes, having courage to challenge what is wrong and to lead others in modeling what is right with humility and grace.

… hopefully soon the mantra of these posts will change.

… I won’t wake up with swollen eyes.

… life will be different for us.

… hopefully I will stop crying soon.

… here’s to hoping sooner comes much quicker than later.



  1. Carolyn Calhoun says

    Joining my faith with yours in prayer in full belief that it will avail much.

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