… in time

This weekend was time well spent.

Time well spent with friends. Family. My hubs. A new random friend I met through another friend. Time well spent thinking. Praying. Worshipping. Just being.

My time was well spent in Nac for SFA’s Homecoming weekend…. laughing. Hanging out. Hugging. Talking. Eating. Drinking. Capturing moments. We had a great time in Nac and I absolutely enjoyed spending time with so many people I experienced so much with…. People I grew up with in a lot of ways. History. Memories. Nostalgia.

We went to the movies to see In Time which was absolutely amazing….. I mistook Amanda Seyfried for Dakota Fanning but other than that, the movie is thought provoking and challenging to say the least. I promised my brother I wouldn’t tell – not sure if he reads the blog but I will keep my promise. I will say that it is a MUST see…….
I like movies that make you think. The ones that challenge you and force you to face and deal with things we go to the movies to do – avoid and be entertained.
I challenged myself to take my time more seriously. To not waste my time. To spend my time helping and encouraging. Not procrastinating and delaying. To be productive in the lives that I encounter daily. To be productive in my life. In every area. Less sitting, more serving. Less surfing, more preparing. More productivity. Even while being still.

This weekend was a PERFECT, PERFECT weekend of time well spent. No regrets. No hurts. I was responsible. I had fun. I laughed. I played. I made memories. I spent my time and spent it well.

…. here’s to spending time on what matters most!


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