… “chicken!”

Remember when, you were younger, being called a “chicken” was the worst name to be called EVER! It meant that you were scary and not up for whatever challenge faced you. Then, as you got older, you cared less and less about what people think of or have to say about you? Heck.. maybe that’s just happening now!!! lol… Who knows and WHO CARES?

Today, I am a self proclaimed CHICKEN!

I texted, yes texted…. Thomas that I really wanted to try this month. To actively TRY. Get back in the habit of POAS every day to predict ovulation (and wondering if/how my Ovidrel and Clomid has affected my body and/or cycle) and making time to try to make a baby!  How HARD I’m going to try – not quite sure… but I definitely want to actively TRY instead of just waiting to see what would happen. During treatments, I don’t try to figure everything out, I don’t count days, or anything like that and I honestly don’t really WANT to get into all of that again. So it’ll be an interesting couple of weeks – gauging how I feel about it all and what I really want to do.

I have mixed feelings about it….. Not looking forward to the possible, and the highly probably, disappointment this time next month..

But we’ll see…. Right now, I really want to. But, we’ll see if I go through with it or if I’ll chicken out. We’ll see.

…. here’s to being a brave, terrified chicken.

Ahem… I wrote this about a week and a half ago. I never posted it. {{OBVIOUSLY}} …..
Still a chicken. Who’s terrfied. But, trying.

…… here’s to being a brave chicken who tries.



  1. Go get’em. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Cross that road chicken.

  2. Lol @ your mom. Too cute. I totally agree. Put away the fear & pick up the lingerie, aphrodisiacs & fertility bracelets. Happy BD’n.

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