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… be”you”tiful reminder

If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s that far too often we seek approval, acceptance, and love from other people who will forever fail us. Both intentionally and unintentionally – no matter who they are to us or who we are to them. I’ve learned that the ones you go all out for, won’t always go all out for you. I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I don’t do as much for some who do an incredible amount for me. It’s humbling and keeps me on my toes.

When we stop trying to do things to impress, please, or stay relevant and live soley to please God – our lives are so much simplier and void of conflict. Our focus isn’t on us. We give ourselves room and space to be who we were created to be.

Staying true to who you are – your beliefs, your goals, your desires, your interests….. who God has created you to to be – will have you feeling more content and satisfied in the end. It won’t always be fun to not “get chose”, you may feel as if you’re missing on what others seem to be enjoying. But, give those people and situations time and space……. as with anything that is not God focused, they will wither away. You will look back and understand later being set apart. And, appreciate not being apart of what seemed so important. You could even find yourself floating in and out of a group or situations and never feel quite comfortable or as if you belong…. it’s because you don’t. And, that’s okay. Go where you fit. That’s where you’ll be appreciated, considered, taken care of, accepted, and supported. Don’t force what isn’t there.

Work hard to fill your mind and spirit with truths, so you won’t be swayed and fall into the trap of believing that your worth is based on how many numbers are in your phone, how many phone calls or texts you get a day, or how many people sit with you at lunch. Instead of finding your worth in Christ and who you are to Him…. finding your worth in what will never get old or fall away.

Know who you are and what you deserve – you are amazing and important enough to surround yourself with people who realize that and who are kind to you far more than they hurt you. You’ll save yourself so much heartache and disappointment.

But, when you do get hurt – because you will – forgive. Forgive and don’t allow what has happened to you in the past dicatate your behavior or how you treat other people and the person who hurt you. Unforgiveness, malice, resentment, wrinkles, and vengence look good on NO ONE. God expects more of you. Don’t allow yourself to be changed for the worst and hardened because of someone else.

Be kind. Be loving. Be forgiving. Patient. Understanding. Accepting. Excellent. Be amazing.

Oh, yes… Remember,


….. here’s to realizing your worth and being comfortable singing at the top of your lungs to music the majority may not know.



  1. Well said. I needed those words of encouragement.

  2. Beautifully stated. This is a conversation I have been having and have had to take heed to recently, and love how beautifully you have stated everything.

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