…. be of good courage

Last night, Thomas and I went to see the Christian movie Courageous and it’s been a very long while since I’ve been as inpired by any movie in this way. I couldn’t help but think, throughout the movie, “THIS is exactly what we’re supposed to be doing… how we’re supposed live our lives….”
…. making steps to change bad habits and step up and rise to the expectations that Christ sets for us….. surrounding ourselves and building strong relationships with other Christian men and women where we are comfortable and confident in leaning on each other, confiding in each other, and holding each other accountable to our beliefs…. having the courage and confidence to deny ourselves and  temptations to do wrong when we FEEL these things will benefit us or improve our lives and current circumstances…. how we should respond to those who don’t know,  knowingly do wrong, or intentionally try to hurt us.

One of the men in the movie wrote a Resolution to live by – actions and standards, based on scripture, that were geared towards fathers and their responsibility to God, their families, the Body of Christ, and themselves. It was inspiring. It made me proud of being a Christian. It made me proud of having a Christian husband.
The movie brings to your attention how much we, as Christians, can change lives and build strong men, women, and children for Christ.

If we’re strong enough. Confident enough. And, courageous enough.

Believing is not enough. Knowing God is NOT enough. Believing & knowing but not doing anything is NOT enough.

The Christian life is not a passive, it’s not one where you sit and watch people losing their souls, their families, and falling/walking/running to temptation because we don’t want to offend or lose friendships. It can’t be. Souls are stake. Families are broken. Marriages are unhappy. We are failing. We’re failing our friends. Our families. The Body.

We have no choice but to do better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkM-gDcmJeM



  1. I had a chance to watch the movie this weekend as well and I absolutely loved it! Such an inspirational message for all Christians (especially fathers). I’m so happy that there are talented people out there producing movies with positive messages that motivate people to change their lives for the better. 🙂

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