… obsession

Funny little story- my niece really likes the cover of the movie Obsessed (with the gorgeous Idris Elba & Beyonce) & she always asked to watch “Oooooob-set”!!! It’s so cute how she tried to read the box and how her voice inflection raises when she says “set”! Lol. End of story.

Over the weekend, I found a new way to relax, spark creativity, and annoy Thomas. My new love-

There is so much to look at…. to be inspired by….. to mimick with your own creative twist…. perusing never gets old. There’s always something new to look at. To gush over. To tell Thomas about…… Seems like I’m always saying “Look at this…..”, “Did I show you this picture??”, and “Isn’t the the cutest ever!!!”. And, of course, the “We NEEEEEED this!!!” and “Great shot, yea?”
I’ve annoyed my friends and husband (who is ever so patient with me) with tons of emailed pictures and ideas of this and that – all of which is TO DIE for!!! lol…..

These ever so crafty and ingenious Pinterest folks, Ben and his crew, were quick enough to create “an app for that”….. an iPad AND iPhone app, to accompany their (clearly) lonely only child, Website. {{Thank you, by the way!!}} Now, ALL of my devices’ (laptop, iPhone, & iPad) photo albums are filling quite quickly Pinterest pictures. A little of this, a little of that…. A little bit of everything that makes my heart swoon.

I went to organize these pictures in albums on my laptop and realized that I have an album that very much resembles what I can only describe as a soon- t0 – be brides photo album would look like. There’s a folder that named “Our Wedding” with sub folders named “cake”, “flowers”, “dresses”, and so forth……. well, mine says “Baby Mayes” and it’s full of clothing, DIY activites (clothing, wall decor, etc.), birthday party & baby shower this and that, pictures of ways to organize closets, decorate rooms, etc, etc, etc….. ((and, everyone gives a very quick look of pity all at once NOW….. and, “fixes their face” .5 seconds later))

My realization was a bit interesting… I have things planned out – just as a bride does. I have the shower planned – how I want EVERYTHING, how HUGE of a celebration it will be, and all of the details that will go into planning every second of it- just as a bride plans her wedding, every event leading up to it, and every single detail of every bit of everything. I even have the gift I’ll give Thomas planned out (read: not purchased though I’ve been VERY tempted) if/when we find out, I have tons of ways to photograph the progression, different ways to deliver the news, etc. HOW I want to deliver…………………………. Although I haven’t planned or thought much about any of this in quite some time, it’s interesting to realize how much thought has gone into it in the past.

This little chicken is a true chicken……. crying over Grey’s and Private Practice episodes – I’m way to close to Meredith and Addison’s to watch without emotion. Emotion because of how close my life resembles theirs and the annoyance at Christina and her selfish choices. Two of my all time favorite shows and I can barely watch them because of life. Theirs will probably have happy endings because it’s TV and no one wants to watch a life that “ends” with anything but them getting everything they ever wanted and working out. A season ending without the characters riding into the sunset doesn’t get many ratings. Yes, we know that seasons end with some sort of crazy happening that keeps you on the edge of your seat but we know that they always pull through… by the way, not sure what I would have done if Pete hadn’t have made it!!! Lol……
But, this isn’t tv.
Yes……. There are seasons in life. Yes, God is my ever so creative, keep me on my toes Shonda Rhimes who will do what He has to do in order to keep me doing what He needs me to do so that when people see me, they think of Him. But, um…. I’m requesting a script change. Please. And, thank you.

…. here’s to amazing apps, creativity, and living life on the edge of your seat. And, deaing with the script you’ve been given without an option of ending your contract early no matter what you say (Burke) or what brighter, more exciting opportunities come along (Izzy).
…. here’s to hoping the new season begins with a great come back. (****wipes brow for Pete & Jackson i.e. Gunther****)


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